Our newest product will make your life easier.

After a year of testing with a select group of Logical Operations customers, we're pleased to announce the rollout of our latest product, The Logical CHOICE Subscription Service

Students in Technology ClassroomThe Logical CHOICE Subscription Service is all about making your life easier. This new subscription service option gives you access to Logical Operations' huge portfolio of digital training content, with these added benefits:

  • Less need to place multiple orders 
  • Fewer invoices
  • Instant access to content for your students
  • Eliminates the need for product returns
  • Better ability to manage your cash flow with only two payments per month to Logical Operations
How does The Logical CHOICE Subscription Service work?

Just like your utility reads your meter every month and bills you only for what you use, Logical CHOICE Subscription Service customers will receive “Multi-Use Access Keys” which allow your students to redeem course content on demand  and, twice per month, Logical Operations will send you a report of your access key redemption and automatically invoice you/charge your payment method.

You only pay for what you use and when you use it – it’s that simple!

How do I get started?

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