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We get it. Employees are fed up with boring training and businesses are struggling to find a training solution that actually engages and produces ROI. Our professional training courseware is used by millions of students across the globe, because our content combines an easy off-the-shelf solution that completely transforms the learning experience, making it more engaging for your employees and helping you get the most out of your company’s training investment.

Who We Are

Founded in 1982, Logical Operations develops and publishes the most widely used and respected professional training courses available today. In addition, we offer high-stakes certifications that fill key skills gaps and provide a highly customizable LMS solution that allows for a completely configurable learning experience. We’ve been named to Inc. Magazine’s Top 500 Companies and Rochester’s Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies lists.

Is your eLearning subscription not all it's cracked up to be?

We know that it’s easy for learners to get lost in boring, monotonous training that doesn’t feel relevant to them. We address that challenge by creating an engaging learning environment that can be specifically tailored to each individual. Our offering combines our award-winning training curriculum with an interactive, intuitive digital platform that completely transforms the learning experience and is designed for how each individual wants to learn.

A Multitude of Ways to Learn

No two people learn the same way. With CHOICE, our configurable learning platform, students have access to a unique learning experience that incorporates a multitude of ways to learn, such as video learning, peer-to-peer learning through social communities, checklists for on-the-job support, assessments that check for understanding, and so much more. Even better, students can easily access these learning tools anytime, anywhere, to make sure they have the information they need at the exact moment they need it.

Learning BEYOND the classroom

Understanding that today’s professionals are technology savvy, our robust training programs allow them to learn using their laptops, smartphones, and tablets to develop the critical skills they need to become highly effective at their jobs, advance their careers, and experience greater professional fulfillment. The result is a highly effective, productive, and enjoyable learning experience that lasts far beyond the classroom. on-the-job performance support. With CHOICE, students have access to on-the-job support tools that can be used whenever they need them.

Over 5,100 Titles Across 6 Major Skill Areas

With over 5,100 titles across six major skill areas, like user productivity, networking and security, design and media, web development and mobile programming, business and tech specializations, and workplace series, you have an endless selection to choose from for your corporate training needs.

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CHOICE LMS | Changing the Game

We’ve heard about the struggles with other LMS systems that aren't making the cut. Our CHOICE LMS solution makes it easy for your employees to develop new skills and grow in their careers, while maintaining a user-friendly interface for administrators to communicate with students and track their progress. Whether you are using the features of our off-the-shelf training curriculum or adding your own proprietary content, CHOICE allows you to create an interactive, intuitive experience that is unique to the learner.

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High-Stakes Certifications to Fill a Skills Gap

Just as there is a demand for quality training programs, there is a significant demand for relevant certifications that validate real-world knowledge and skills. Today's hiring managers seek candidates with proven, demonstrable skills; Logical Operations certifications are a great way to prove those skills, and hiring managers are taking notice.

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Connect With Our Network of Training Partners

Not looking to conduct employee training on your own? Through our CHOICE Learning Alliance, we can connect you with our network of trusted training partners who can deliver training for you. These training organizations must meet Logical Operations' rigorous standards, so that you know your students will get the best learning experience possible.

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Prepare Your Instructors to Teach in the Modern Classroom

Looking to boost the skills of your corporate trainers or prepare a Subject Matter Expert to teach other employees? The Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT) training program prepares instructors for all aspects of delivering a course using the latest training technologies and approaches. Instructors will learn class preparation techniques, how to evaluate and increase the effectiveness of their training, how to successfully teach using various delivery modes such as asynchronous and virtual learning, and more.

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Offer Your Students a Personalized Learning Experience

We understand that every training event can and SHOULD be different based on your students' unique learning goals. With that in mind, Logical Operations offers you an easy, cost-effective solution for providing your students with a personalized learning experience with our customization options that allow you to pull topics from multiple courses, switch the order of lessons, and more!

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Today’s learning experience is so much more than simply having training content online. With CHOICE, students are able to take their learning with them, equipping them with access to a combination of key learning materials anytime, anywhere, on any device.
Bill Rosenthal
Logical Operations
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Looking to customize your next training event? CustomCHOICE can help!

Are the curriculum lessons you want covered in class found in multiple courses? Do you want to switch the order of lessons? No problem. With CustomCHOICE, you can:

  • Upload your logo online
  • Drag & drop lessons and/or topics
  • Print or email your outline before submitting your order
  • Save projects for future orders
  • Receive a quote before placing your order

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