We Partner with BIG brands.

From curriculum development, to designing and growing robust education channel programs, we partner with some of the industry's most well-respected companies.

“We partner with big brands to put what they do best center stage. We fill training gaps for our customers so they have access to the largest, most content-rich portfolio in the industry. ”
Jim Gabalski | Partners & Alliances | Logical Operations


Curriculum Development

We have been building robust curriculum programs for our partners for over 30 years. Our partner development lifecycle ensures that all critical steps have been taken before any product is placed into market, and that all implementation decisions are made jointly so they align with each partner’s goals.

Global Content Distribution

If it's on the map, our content can get there. We have global distribution capabilities for print and digital content delivery that reaches every continent. For decades, we have supported robust learning partner channels for big brands through partner recruitment and management, logistical needs, and customer service dedication.

Channel Reach

With 3,000+ training delivery partners worldwide, our training channel reach is vast, allowing us to reach MILLIONS of students every year. Our partners reap the benefits of our robust customer base, along with sales and marketing programs that are designed to help grow reach.