Logically Speaking March 2022: Cybersecurity Just Got More Real!
March 17, 2022
Growth Opportunities

The Perfect Storm

​​​​​by Jon O'Keefe, Technology Education Jedi


The “Perfect Storm” in cybersecurity is upon us. I am predicting that over the next 18-24 months, the number of students seeking cybersecurity training is going to increase at a rate we’ve never seen before. This prediction is partly based on the following facts: 

  1. According to ISSA, the cybersecurity skills gap is worsening for the fifth straight year, and almost 75% of all organizations will face security issues because of this.  

  2. The Great Resignation is real. According to SHRM, almost four million people a month have quit their job, and this includes a growing number of cybersecurity professionals. 

  3. According to Forbes, suspected Russian cyber attacks went up 800% after the invasion of Ukraine 

  4. More than one million fewer students are going to college, continuing a historic decline in attendance according to NPR. 

The perfect storm of cybersecurityWe are living through a “Perfect Storm” of events for individuals who want to pursue cybersecurity careers. With the skills gap already worsening, many security professionals retiring or looking for other opportunities, and the new face of war being a potential massive cyber conflict, there has never been a better time to invest in your growth as a cybersecurity professional. If you look at all of that and combine it with the fact that fewer young people are going to college in lieu of getting vocational/certification training, you have the conditions for an explosion in cybersecurity training. 

Your job in this explosive market is to figure out the best way to reach students, determine the best training to offer them that can help them quickly grow their skillset and find a job, and to make sure your instructors are prepared to be driving students forward from class to class, certification to certification. 

The great news is that Logical Operations and CertNexus have been preparing for this for many years. We can help you with easy-to-teach, valuable skill-driven certifications in cybersecurity. We have marketing kits available (with more on the way) around some of the most in-demand topics in the industry. Finally, we can provide train-the-trainer opportunities to make sure your trainers are fully up to speed.  

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-generation moment in training; we’re here to help you take advantage of this amazing opportunity! 

Keys to Selling

Sell into the Cybersecurity Triangle

​​​​​by Jim Gabalski, VP, Sales and Marketing


A triangle has long been used to represent a market opportunity, and this is true when you think about the cybersecurity market. The bottom of the triangle represents the largest opportunity but also the lowest potential of price per unit. The top of the triangle represents a smaller portion of the market but also the largest price per unit. But the entire triangle, should you have a product to address every market area, represents tremendous potential. Selling into the triangle is something made possible by a combination of CertNexus and Logical Operations offerings with the most important takeaway being that you can address your customers’ every need. 


Keys to Selling Pyramid: Sell into the Cybersecurity Triangle

General Population. This group spans an entire organization and is made up of information workers --- people who use technology devices every day in the normal course of doing their jobs. Because the computers and other devices they use are connected to networks, and ultimately the Internet, this group poses the single largest risk for a breach. CyberSAFE teaches the basics of cybersecurity and the behaviors every information worker can embrace to create a more cyber-secure organization. 

IT Applications. Application Developers build websites and applications that sit on a network.  Their tools of choice are languages like HTML, Python, Java, JavaScript, C, C#, and many others.  They build the apps that allow us to order food and conduct banking from our computer or cell phone. Apps built by developers without a “security-first mindset” can create significant risk.  Cyber Secure Coder (CSC) teaches principles and practices every developer can employ, regardless of the language they use, to ensure that the applications they bring to market are secure by design. 

IT Operations. When you mention cybersecurity to the average person, they think about it as the domain of the teams that manage the IT infrastructure --- switches and routers, Internet connections and networks, and devices connected to those networks. This is true. These are the people that most of us rely on to spot, isolate, mitigate, recover, and protect from hackers. The NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) 800-171 framework is broadly accepted as the guiding standard for cybersecurity and CFR-410 maps to that standard by teaching IT professionals how to identifyprotect against, detectrespond to, and recover from cyber threats. 

>Cyber Leaders. These are the people responsible for the strategy, implementation, and management of the security framework. They guide and govern the cybersecurity of the organization they work for and are relied upon to ensure that data and systems are safe from breaches. From the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) to the IT Team Leader, these managers must maintain and continuously optimize the cybersecurity posture of their organization.Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) teaches the foundations of managing cybersecurity programs and cybersecurity teams. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) teaches IT professionals the auditing skills necessary to ensure cybersecurity programs and policies are well managed.  And Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) teaches the eight security domains that comprise the Common Body of Knowledge --- skills and understanding necessary to lead and evolve a cybersecurity program. 

As you work with your customers and explore what type of cybersecurity training they need, think about the triangle.  Address the information workers’ needs with CyberSAFE, the Application Developers’ needs with CSC, the IT Operations’ needs with CFR, and the IT cybersecurity leaders’ needs with CISACISM, and CISSP.  I can assure you that breaking down the market and the sales opportunities using this model will address 95% of the cybersecurity training needs of any organization.   

Curriculum Corner

Even Better Protection with CyberSAFE: Exam CBS-410

by Pam Taylor, Senior Instructional Designer


The cybersecurity landscape is ever-changing, and new threats seem to emerge almost every day. Security professionals make a point to be aware of new threats and how to counteract them. But how about the people who use technology to do their jobs without being tech pros? CyberSAFE is designed to give everyone a fighting chance against cybersecurity threats. 

A new version of CyberSAFE is arriving soon, and Logical Operations, in partnership with CertNexus, is excited to offer updated instructor-led training for this popular cybersecurity credential. The new CBS-410 courseware is quite like its predecessor, with a few important changes to be aware of.  

As with other courses developed to support certification credentials, an update to the CBS-310 exam and blueprint is the driving factor behind the new version of the CyberSAFE course. The CBS-410 exam and blueprint contain new content to address emerging threats. Most notable is a change to the Online Security domain that addresses the critical current issue of cybersafety when working remotely.  

Other significant changes include an increased emphasis on compliance requirements and expanded coverage of authentication factors. All these changes are reflected in the CyberSAFE: Exam CBS-410 course, along with additions and updates to course activities to cover the new content. These changes provide learners with current, relevant information, enabling them to protect their devices and data and their company’s data and other resources. 

We also took this opportunity to update the look and feel of the slide decks and visuals. Slide decks are now in widescreen format, with more visually engaging slides and fewer text-heavy slides. Visuals are based on a consistent icon set that employs the CertNexus color palette. We feel these changes can enhance your presentation of the material, resulting in learners absorbing more information during training events. 

As Megan Smith Branch mentioned in the November 2021 edition of Logically Speaking, the team assembled for the updated CBS-410 blueprint and exam is a diverse one. Contributors from around the world gathered virtually to discuss and update the existing blueprint. To provide a solid link between the CBS-410 updates and our course updates, we invited Shinesa Cambric to act as SME for the course as well. In fact, the entire project team for the course update is female! 

For more information about the CBS-410 credential and the CyberSAFE: Exam CBS-410 course, visit https://certnexus.com/certification/cybersafe/.


Our Cybersecurity Curriculum – Developed and Shaped by Women 

by Nancy Curtis, VP, Content


Two Women IT Programmers Working on a ComputerSince Logical Operations’ original founding as a technology training center and technical curriculum publisher forty years ago, women have been leading contributors to our suite of products. That has always included the most advanced and cutting-edge materials in high tech, emerging tech, and cybersecurity.  

Marrying this issue’s twin themes of cybersecurity and International Women’s Day, here are a few notes on some of the important, current Logical Operations and CertNexus cybersecurity curriculum products that have been driven by primarily female creative teams.   

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP®): CISSP has long been considered an elite cybersecurity certification, and Logical Operations has published several popular editions of CISSP curriculum to assist certification candidates in their preparation. There have been many important female contributors to the CISSP curriculum over time, including LO instructional designers Pam Taylor and Tamara Hagen, as well as trainer, networking professional, and cybersecurity consultant Chrys Thorsen.  

  • Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC): This important security assessment program from the United States Department of Defense (DoD) will require a highly trained body of certified cybersecurity assessors and other CMMC professionals. LO is one of a limited number of organizations that the CMMC Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB) has designated as a Licensed Partner Publisher (LPP), and one of only three LPPs currently approved to release CMMC-AB Approved Training Materials (CATM). The core of the CMMC curriculum development group at LO is female; instructional designers Laurie Perry and Tamara Hagen work tirelessly as a team with our distinguished subject matter experts Tara Lemieux and Amy Coddens (featured in this issue) to bring this critical component of our nation’s security defenses to fruition.   

  • CyberSAFE: Exam CBS-410: As you read earlier in this issue, the most important zone of security in any organization or enterprise is between the user and the desktop or device. CyberSAFE 410 was a collaborative effort between LO instructional designer Pam Taylor and CNX cybersecurity consultant Shinesa Cambric. We think you’ll agree that this latest iteration of CertNexus’ CyberSAFE training and credential is the strongest and most effective CyberSAFE yet, and a critical component of any organization’s cybersecurity defenses.     

And of course, it’s not just security - women are key contributors in all development roles to the entirety of the LO and CNX curriculum lines. Check out our product listings today.   




Latest Product Highlights


LogicalLAB Duration Changes for 2022

by Nancy Curtis, VP, Content


LogicalLAB logoAt the beginning of 2022, our LogicalLAB hosting partner, Skillable (formerly Learn On Demand Systems) changed how lab duration times are calculated and enforced within the Skillable system.  On the plus side, duration restrictions like this help to ensure that there are always sufficient Skillable system resources at any time, by limiting labs that might be running but inactive.   

The effect on user experience of Skillable’s change is to reduce the total time that a LogicalLAB can run during an individual session. Previously, you could extend a lab as much as needed – even up to a full day.  Now, there is a hard maximum, which includes any extensions of the original LogicalLAB session, as well as any time spent after re-launching a saved LogicalLAB.  After the session times out, users must exit and re-launch the profile if they want to continue.  

To balance this new system restriction, Logical Operations has configured longer durations for the majority of our LogicalLAB portfolio.  Now, the expected duration of a given LogicalLAB will always exceed the projected teaching time in the companion CHOICE courseware manual.  And, you’ll be able to extend that new, longer, baseline duration by an additional 50% if needed.   

The effect of Logical Operations’ updates should be that you and your learners have a generous amount of access time for each LogicalLAB profile.  A side effect of the change is that the expected times on the LogicalLAB launch screens might look a lot longer than the course itself!  Don’t be surprised by that - it’s all to ensure that you have the access you need to accomplish your instructional goals.     



 Content Revisions

Logical Operations revises student and instructor materials based on technical changes, customer feedback, and our own assessment of necessary changes. The revision notes for the most recent updates are below as well as posted on the Content Revisions page. Use this page as a resource to quickly access and view all revision details for any of our recent course updates. 

Reminder: When viewing a product on the store, check the Revision Information tab to see the summary description of the most recent revision for that product at any time.


Screenshot of revision field on Logical Operations store

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