Logically Speaking August 2021: LO Enables Instructor Excellence
August 18, 2021

Growth Opportunities

What's Next?

by Jon O'Keefe, Technology Education Jedi


"What's Next?" written on blackboardPicture this: You’ve just about finished teaching a class. The students have been engaged and learning the whole time. As you go to wrap up and ask if anyone has any final questions, a few hands are raised. “What should we take next?” 

This question isn’t always an easy one to answer, but it is an important one for both you and the student. Students most often return for training when they have a good experience with an instructor, and you want to be able to offer a variety of classes that allow students to keep coming back to you. For the student, you are the expert and can offer them the guidance they need to find the next class and grow their career. 

Logical Operations wants to help you offer “what’s next” to your students. In most Logical Operations materials, we have a “What’s Next?” section at the end of the book. This can give you a quick and easy answer when a student wants to know what they should take after your class. Still, that may not be enough, which is why we’ve devised several different learning paths around Data Science and Cybersecurity that give you a whole curriculum to offer students from introductory to mastery. 

If you want to learn more about the different learning paths available, please reach out to me at JediJon@Logicaloperations.com. We will make sure you never have to worry about “what’s next” ever again. 

Keys to Selling

Instructor and a Guidance Counselor

​​​​​by Jim Gabalski, VP, Sales and Marketing


I’ve spent over 34 years enjoying my career journey. I’ve taken many training classes along the way—both technology and business skills in nature. And the best instructors I’ve had helped me by understanding the journey I was on and guiding me toward training that would accelerate me on my chosen path. 

My interest was always in technology, and I knew that I enjoyed sales and marketing. So how does a Programmer/Analyst—where I started my career in 1987—move into a sales and marketing career? I remember my first Excel instructor talking with me at lunch during a break in class. We started discussing data and how it would change the world. Much from that conversation is now very true. During that brief but impactful conversation, I realized that if I really wanted to make an impact as an Analyst, I needed to be able to manipulate and manage and find insights from data. The tool of choice? Access. So, you guessed it, the next class I took was Access and I kept going with all three levels. From there, I took training on and started using a variety of tools that would perform descriptive, predictive, and even prescriptive analytics. But it all started with that one conversation with that one instructor who nudged me down a path I was unaware was available to me. 

Instructor Talking to Student

As an instructor, you are an influencer, maybe even a guidance counselor, for the students you teach.  Keep in mind that they are on a journey, and you can steer them in a direction that could open an entirely new world to them. Over the coming months, you are likely to hear more about the learning paths or learning journeys that Logical Operations is promoting. These tools are designed for your use as you help students focus on data analytics/science, cybersecurity, emerging technology, and project management journeys, all high job growth professions. Take the time to get to know your students and help them find the path that is right for them. 

And you might just see them in your next Advanced Excel, Tableau, Power BI, or Access class! 

Curriculum Corner

CHOICE Resources Support Instructors

by Nancy Curtis, VP, Content


Logical Operations strives to develop CHOICE curriculum products that are both learner-focused and instructor-centric. We want to provide you with the tools and information that you need to create an outstanding learning experience for your students.   

Key resources include:  

  • Logical Operations CHOICE logoThe Instructor Edition of the courseware. Our Instructor Editions offer three special features to support your instructional delivery: The Facilitator’s Course on the CHOICE platform. This free resource offers helpful instructor resources such as Bridge Documents, Tips and Tricks, Product Orientation information, and more. Look for a free key to the Facilitator’s Course on the very first page of your IE, or contact Logical Operations’ Client Services to request the key that works on your instance of the CHOICE platform.   

    • The Instructor preface (“Using the Manual”), with a courseware orientation, setup guide, timing and flow suggestions, and planners to map out your own presentation strategy.    
    • The margin notes with delivery tips, supplemental content, timing and class-management suggestions, cues for PowerPoint slides, and more. 
    • In-line responses to discussion or review questions (students receive this material in the Solutions section at the back of the Student Manual).  
  • The Logical Operations Instructor Community on LinkedIn. We welcome everyone to the LOIC, and we hope that you will join, post, comment, and interact with us and with your colleagues in the profession.   

It’s our sincere hope that these resources enrich your presentation of CHOICE course materials.  



Join Us at a Test Class

by Nancy Curtis, VP, Content


As you browse the Logical Operations corporate website, perhaps you’ve noticed a link towards the bottom of the main page inviting you to Sign Up for a Test Class:  


Maybe you wondered briefly about it and moved on – or maybe you even clicked the link to see the list of available test classes. Either way, you probably wondered: “What is a test class, anyway?”  

The Test Class event class is a mock-instructional walkthrough of a courseware product while it’s in a draft state. The event helps us determine how a course works in an interactive, experiential format, before it’s published and used in the field. A Test Class enables all members of the development team to validate the course content before it’s final, evaluate it against the course criteria and objectives, and make changes to improve the final learning experience. We believe that the course becomes better instructionally and technically when people with different perspectives experience it as a learning event, and hone the content, structure, and flow in a live, collaborative manner.  

Participants typically include the course author presenting the material, plus several “student” participants who represent the views of instructors, subject-matter experts, and the authentic learner.

Joining a test class gives you the opportunity both to help shape the course before it’s released, and also to get a jump start on preparing your content presentation. If you can join us, we’ll recognize your contributions with a special thank-you in the front of each manual.   

The Test Class event is a hallmark of the Logical Operations curriculum development approach. We are proud of this decades-old practice of live, dynamic, instructional testing. We warmly invite you to click that link and join us at a test class!   




Latest Product Highlights



Content Revisions


Logical Operations revises student and instructor materials based on technical changes, customer feedback, and our own assessment of necessary changes. The revision notes for the most recent updates are below as well as posted on the new Content Revisions page. Use this page as a resource to quickly access and view all revision details for any of our recent course updates. 

Reminder: When viewing a product on the store, check the Revision Information tab to see the summary description of the most recent revision for that product at any time.


Screenshot of revision field on Logical Operations store

Instructor Spotlight
Curriculum Corner
Teaching Prep

Let Custom Help You Plan Your Fall Semester

by Andrea Montanarella, Manager, Custom Production


Are you ready for fall classes? Join our next live webinar on Thursday, August 26th to help you prepare for fall classes by adding your own personal touch to your training content! Register here.

If you can't attend the live webinar on August 26th, check out our last webinar in May. It was geared specifically towards instructors, including how we can help you create new courses, take advantage of Logical Operations' existing instructor aids, and create a storyline that leads to "aha" moments for your students. Click the image below to view the recording.


Instructor Custom Webinar Screenshot

You'll learn more about:  
  • Building your brand  
  • Custom logo and personalization on the cover  
  • Customizing content through re-sequencing and re-grouping the content to complement your teaching style 
  • Maximizing prep time and teaching time, in and outside the classroom   
  • Making the most of the custom classroom experience for every student with various learning styles  

Custom will work with you to make your teaching experience the best it can be. Let’s start the semester off right. Call today for a quote! Andrea Montanarella headshot

Andrea MontanarellaManager, Custom Production
1-800-456-4677—Option 4 | Direct: 585-350-7014  

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