Logically Speaking November 2019: ITIL 4
November 13, 2019

Welcome to the new Logically Speaking.  We hope you enjoy the way the content is organized for you.  With the launch of the new ITIL 4 scheme, we've seen an explosion of interest resulting in 40% plus growth in courseware orders. This is a big training opportunity for you. So this issue focuses on ITIL 4 information.

In this issue:

ITIL 4 – A Strong Foundation for Training Growth in 2020

If you are looking to grow your business in 2020 and haven’t considered teaching ITIL, you are missing out on a large opportunity. In the past 8 months, we’ve seen exponential growth in the adoption of ITIL 4 training kits offered by Logical Operations and there is no slowdown in sight.

What is ITIL? To make it simple, ITIL describes the best practices for IT Service Management (ITSM). Essentially, it defines the language that EVERYONE in an IT organization uses to communicate regarding processes, procedures, tasks, and how-to’s. They keyword in the last sentence is EVERYONE. If everyone in an IT organization speaks the same language and works to the same processes/procedures, the chances of things getting done right and fast increase. If not, well, then not… So, big organizations that have large IT staffs and are committed to driving efficiencies using a common language and common processes are likely adopting ITIL and EVERYONE on the staff needs training, at least at the Foundation level.

Is ITIL 4 a big deal? ITIL 4 represents a significant change from ITIL v3. The language has changed significantly and the certification paths are much more streamlined than in ITIL v3. Released earlier this year, we have seen significant growth in training classes being run for ITIL 4 Foundation on a month over month basis. As the new certifications are released for the Managing Professional Transition, ITIL Managing Professional, and ITIL Strategic Leader, we expect that the opportunity to grow your training business around ITIL 4 will continue to expand. So, yes, ITIL 4 is a big deal.

To learn more about Logical Operations ITIL 4 offerings, visit our website or call 1.800.456.4677.

Fish in the ITIL 3 Pond

by Jim Gabalski, Vice President Sales and Marketing 

A sales manager from earlier in my career had a saying that he opened each sales meeting with: “You gotta fish where the fish are, feed ‘em what they like to eat, and get ‘em when they are hungry”. You can guess how he spent his early mornings before work and all day on weekends.

ITIL 4 represents a major shift for every IT professional. The best “pond to fish in” for training candidates is where there has already been company interest in adopting the ITIL v3 framework. They are already practicing ITIL but the changes from ITIL v3 to ITIL 4 are so significant that it’s almost a start-over scenario. They are hungry for ITIL 4 training. And clearly, this is what they like to eat.

So, fish where the fish are (in companies who’ve already sent student to ITIL v3 training), feed ‘em what they like to eat (ITIL 4 training) and get ‘em when they are hungry (right now as ITIL 4 is sweeping into IT teams).

Multinational Bank Takes Unique Approach to Teaching ITIL

Societe Generale (SG), one of the leading European financial service groups, employs over 149,000 people in 67 countries and supports 31 million individual clients, businesses and institutional investors around the world. To ensure effective internal and external operations, SG relies on durable, reliable, and secure Information Technology infrastructure.

Societe Generale has adopted ITIL principles and processes to drive efficiencies across its global IT operations teams. With thousands of IT staff around the world, a key challenge to the ITIL rollout is cost effectively training every member of the IT team --- which is imperative to a successful ITIL program. So they took the ITIL training in house.

To accomplish this bold initiative, Societe Generale identified existing, high potential staff members that are experienced practitioners of ITIL and challenged them to become accredited trainers. This role expansion was a welcomed addition to their regular responsibilities since it represented a career development opportunity. To help them get ready, Logical Operations assisted SG through the PeopleCert affiliate process and provided accredited eLearning for the instructors to quickly and efficiently gain the certifications required to teach ITIL 4 classes. The new trainers also participated in the Logical Operations Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT) training to help them manage training in a hybrid classroom that included in person and remote attendees.

Societe Generale has now run several successful classes with exceptional pass rates for their employees. This approach has been so successful in the United States, it is now being utilized in SG’s international locations.

To learn more about Logical Operations ITIL offerings, schedule a consultation with one of our Educational Specialists by visiting www.logicaloperations.com/contact or calling 1.800.456.4677.

Make ITIL® 4 Foundation and ITIL® 4 Awareness Part of Your Training Portfolio

Anyone involved in IT Service Management knows the 2019 ITIL 4 rollout is the biggest change in the 30-year history of the ITIL scheme. ITIL 4 brought a fresh, simplified approach to both ITIL certification and training.

One thing hasn’t changed – the popularity of ITIL’s flagship, ITIL Foundation. If you haven’t yet made LO’s well-received ITIL 4 Foundation curriculum part of your training offerings, we can help guide you through the accreditation and affiliation steps.

But what about individuals who don’t seek certification, or who approach ITIL from a strategic business perspective rather than as a practitioner? For these learners, ITIL Awareness could be the perfect solution. ITIL 4 Awareness leverages the great CHOICE ITIL 4 Foundation content in a streamlined, one-day executive training experience.

  • It is derived from ITIL 4 Foundation, so your Foundation trainers can easily deliver it.
  • It’s not exam-aligned, so there are no accreditation requirements. (LO strongly recommends using a Foundation-certified instructor).
  • It is non-accredited, so you are free to tailor the curriculum to suit your delivery scenarios: full day, half-day, or even one-hour “Lunch and Learns.” (Check with LO’s CustomCHOICE about customization options.)

Talk to your account representative or visit the LO store to see these and our other ITIL product offerings.

Latest Product Highlights

We're constantly adding new and updated products! Below are a few highlights from our recent releases. Follow the link below to download the full list of available titles! And, don't forget to check out the Marketplace tab for the latest partner titles.

Download the latest product summary sheet to see the full list of available titles.

Are you a trainer who wants to teach ITIL 4? We can help! 

For an organization to offer and advertise accredited ITIL classes, the organization, trainers, and courseware must all be accredited. It might sound like a daunting process, but that's where Logical Operations can help. By signing up as an affiliate with Logical Operations, we'll guide you through the process every step of the way and make sure you're ready.  

Access to ITIL 4 Train the Trainer videos. These official training videos are a resource for an instructor who already has ITIL knowledge as well as trainers new to the material. Additionally, we can provide access to the ITIL 4 Foundation course preview session where we review the Logical Operations ITIL 4 Foundation course material and how to use it in class. 

Interested? Take a peek at the ITIL 4 Foundation courseware here.  We might even be able to provide you a free exam voucher! Contact your Logical Operations account representative to learn more about how we can help prepare you to teach ITIL 4.       

ITIL 4 Awareness Courseware can be Customized

The ITIL material needs to be accredited through PeopleCert, so it’s not customizable, however, ITIL 4 Awareness is an exception! You can customize ITIL Awareness to garner interest for your customer base. You can tailor the ITIL 4 Awareness content into a half-day course to fit your schedule or choose the specific lessons and topics you need. If you just want to put your logo on the cover, no problem! Contact Andrea Montanarella in Custom Print to set up demo or answer any questions. For the first order, you will receive a free custom proof. Email Andrea Montanarella, Custom Print, today at cprint@logicaloperations.com.

Winning the Talent War

by Pat DiLaura, Chief Recruiting Officer

 As a longtime senior HR leader, I have come to recognize and value the strategic importance of owning a high quality, internal training capability. Whether we, as leaders, are being tasked with the recruitment of top talent, or to retain, motivate and develop that top talent, or to prepare the same for succession within an organization, a robust and customizable internal training capability is essential. 

With the high turnover in IT teams combined with Millennials’ high expectations surrounding training, a rigorous skills development program for IT professionals is essential to IT department stability.

In recent years, numerous retention studies have shown that one of the main reason’s Millennials choose to either join or stay with a particular employer is that the employer cares about their development and invests in their career growth. IT staff members want skills and capabilities that are current, such as ITIL 4. And when they are both a Millennial and a member of the IT team, training is doubly important.

If you are an HR or Training leader responsible for developing these important programs, you will want to find training partners that provide a wide range of high quality and affordable content to meet these needs both now and in the future.  While ITIL is one key area of focus for Logical Operations, there is so much more to what we offer and, from one HR professional to another, I recommend you take a look at all that we have to offer.

Meet Laurie Perry, Senior Instructional Designer, Content Group

I’m a transplanted Midwesterner with roots in Iowa who has lived in Chicago, Denver, and Osaka, Japan. Surprisingly, I’ve resided longer in Rochester, NY than anywhere else.

After teaching English in Japan, I sought work that focused on helping people learn and that brought me to curriculum development at LO in May 1990. After a decade away, I’m back as an instructional designer and am approaching 15 years at LO.

An ID develops the materials and activities that structure the ILT learning experience. I’ve worked on a variety of courses—from desktop applications to project management to best practices and frameworks—and have become CompTIA Project+ certified. Some titles include CompTIA Project+, Intro to Agile, ITIL 4 Foundation, and ITIL 4 Practitioner.

LO continues to be an interesting place to work. Lively lunches and events connect us and volunteer opportunities, like Meals on Wheels, provide ways to contribute to the community. The best is friendships that go beyond the years of working together.

My husband and I have two sons in Colorado, so the frequent flyer miles add up! I enjoy playing paddle tennis and golf; and exploring new places, cultures, and food.