Logical Operations Partners with CertNexus to Offer Best-in-Class Security by Design Courseware and Certifications
August 17, 2021 Rochester, N.Y.
 Cyber Secure Coder Get Certified Badge  

Logical Operations recognizes that organizations are increasingly more interested in putting security first at all levels of business practices.  From the boardroom to the help desk, and every position in between, security has become a primary concern.  Whereas only ten years ago security was mainly an IT issue, it is now affecting every aspect of business—from product development, to marketing, to sales, and delivery.

One of the areas where security-first practices have traditionally lagged is with coding and application development. In order to help organizations reach best security by design principles in application development and coding, Logical Operations has partnered with CertNexus to offer Cyber Secure Coder® courseware and high-stakes certification exams.  Cyber Secure Coder (CSC) is a premier industry certification that allows application developers to demonstrate their knowledge of security by design principles.

“CSC is a really unique class and certification,” says Jon O’Keefe, Technology Education Jedi at Logical Operations. “Object-oriented programming languages like Python have become the backbone for most application developers and engineers because they are easy to learn, and a ton of code is already publicly available for them to insert into their programs. That’s where it can get troublesome,” continues O’Keefe. “When you’re borrowing code from all over the place, and you’re pushing up against a deadline, usually the last thing on a developer’s mind is security. CSC can help change that.”

According to MITRE and OWASP, 37.9% of all application coding errors come with data processing flaws. This can lead to issues with “buffer overflow”, which was ranked #1 by the Common Weakness Enumeration 2019 report as the most likely to put your cybersecurity at risk.  With over 93 billion lines of code being produced a year according to Medium.com, organizations that aren’t training their application developers and engineers on security-first principles in coding are putting their organizations in grave danger of being the victim of a cybersecurity incident.

“We are in the midst of a perfect storm where more code is being developed, together with more reuse, and iterative methodologies that focus on speed to market. This environment, along with ever-increasing sophistication from bad actors, has created the necessity for all coding professionals to upskill as it relates to the design and development of secure code,” states Jeff Felice, President of CertNexus. “Our partnership with Logical Operations will help bring Cyber Secure Coder (CSC) to the millions who both want to develop and validate the skills which will allow them to deliver secure code.”

Logical Operations is once again leading the way in bringing new training curriculum and certifications to their growing network of over 3,000 training center and academic clients globally. CertNexus’ Cyber Secure Coder is a unique class that can help any application developer, programmer, or engineer learn security-first best practices and help keep their organizations from becoming vulnerable to a cybersecurity incident.