CHOICE is our signature curriculum.

No two people learn in exactly the same way. What works well for one person may not be effective for another. That's why we design our curriculum in a way that transforms the learning experience through multi-modal courses that allow students to learn the way they find most effective.

CHOICE is our patent-pending configurable learning platform that combines our award-winning training curriculum with an interactive, intuitive digital multi-platform learning experience. An experience that incorporates a multitude of ways to learn with video learning, peer-to-peer learning through social communities, checklists for on-the-job support, assessments that check for understanding, and so much more. With CHOICE, the student learning experience is truly unique to the learner.

Over 5,100 titles across 6 major skill areas.


“Today’s learning experience is so much more than simply having training content online. With CHOICE, students are able to take their learning with them, equipping them with access to a combination of key learning materials anytime, anywhere, on any device.”
Bill Rosenthal | CEO | Logical Operations
dec, 15 2014
Nova Solutions, Inc., which makes furniture for offices and classrooms, says there are five key elements to modern classroom design: 1) collaborative classroom furniture, 2) sufficient electrical resources, 3) intelligent lecterns (which include audiovisual controls), 4) flexible lighting levels, and 5) downsized gathering areas. I don’t know if the Nova Solutions design is the ideal, but it sounds pretty good to me in my role as an instructor. I wish I had a dollar for every minute I have sp...
sep, 05 2012
If you were a fly on the wall of any corporate conference room, what would you see? In today’s company meeting, managers carry personal tablets− not paper file folders. Employees share documents on the fly as they discuss the latest project developments. Personal devices have become indispensable for most professionals; it would only follow that they could be invaluable in the classroom as well. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a reality in the workplace whether employers like it or not.  Savv...