Putting the CHOICE in students’ hands: multi-platform training any time, anywhere.

No two people learn in exactly the same way. What works well for one person may not be effective for another. That's why we design our curriculum in a manner that transforms the learning experience into multi-modal courses that allow students to learn the way they find most effective. With CHOICE, the student learning experience is truly unique to the learner.

Through the CHOICE digital learning platform, students can access training content and digital learning tools from their computer or any mobile device. In addition to the training content, students have access to multiple tools that enhance their learning experience and provide real-time support:

  • Digital Checklists, available on CHOICE and on our mobile app, for just-in-time job-task support linked to the student’s job role.
  • LearnTO and Spotlight media assets to enhance and extend the learning experience.  
  • The evergreen CHOICE delivery platform: for any given product, the CHOICE instance is always remain up to date with revisions and refreshes for the life of the product.
  • Student self-check assessments through CHOICE.  
  • Staged data files and code examples to support our tested, scripted, no-fail activities.