We provide the content, tools, and technology that allow instructors to do what they do best… TEACH!

Our mission is simple: create a successful environment for the instructor—and students will achieve success. We apply the CHOICE Instructional Design Model, our proven, systematic methodology developed with 40 years of experience, to create multi-modal training content. This consistent, repeatable instructional design process ensures that instructors can easily use Logical Operations’ content to teach any type of training—from simple to complex.

Designed for a multi-platform classroom environment, our unique integrated Instructor Edition is available in digital and print formats, includes the corresponding Student content, and comes with a multitude of digital tools to support instructors.

  • Digital Checklists, available on CHOICE and on our mobile app, for just-in-time job-task support linked to the course’s instructional objectives.
  • LearnTO and Spotlight media assets to enhance and extend the learning experience.  
  • The evergreen CHOICE delivery platform: for any given product, your CHOICE instance will remain up to date for any revisions or refreshes for the life of that individual product.
  • Marginal instructor notes to guide and support presentation.
  • Activity responses inline with activity content – readily available answers allow the instructor to “tease out” responses from their students.
  • Instructor preface with a course orientation, setup guide, timing and flow suggestions, and planners allow instructors to map out their own presentation strategy.  
  • Digital delivery of teaching presentations through the CHOICE platform. We provide instructional materials in editable format so you can modify, adjust, enhance, and tailor materials to make them your own.
  • Student self-check assessments through CHOICE.  
  • Staged data files and code examples to support our tested, scripted, no-fail activities.