Offer your students a truly personalized learning experience with CustomCHOICE.

We understand that every training event can and SHOULD be different based on your students' unique learning goals. With that in mind, Logical Operations offers you an easy, cost-effective solution for providing your students with a personalized learning experience -- at nearly the same price you would pay for an off-the-shelf book -- with CustomCHOICE.

CustomCHOICE is a web-based interface that allows Logical Operations customers to customize their expert-facilitated hard-copy and/or digital training courseware to fit their specific classroom needs. CustomCHOICE gives ALL customers a choice to deliver truly unique expert-facilitated training event. Watch a short demo video to learn more.

What can you customize?

Are the topics you want covered in class found in multiple courses? Do you want to switch the order of lessons? Our easy-to-use online tool, CustomCHOICE, allows you to:

  • Upload your logo online
  • Print or email your outline before submitting for a quote
  • Drag and drop lessons
  • Save projects for future orders
  • Mix and match lessons from a wide selection of courses (both print and electronic)
  • Delete unwanted topics
  • Receive a quote before finalizing your order

Watch a Short CustomCHOICE Demo Video
How do I get started?
  • Step 1: Log in to your store account at 
  • Step 2: Click on "My Account"
  • Step 3: Click the CustomCHOICE link on the left
  • Step 4: Start customizing your training curriculum!
Don't have a store account?

Setting up an account on our store is free and easy. Simply fill out the yellow form below and select "I would like a sales representative to contact me". One of our sales representatives be in touch shortly to get you set up with an account on our store!