Logically Speaking August 2020: VILT
August 19, 2020

Virtual Education: Pivoting in the Pandemic

by Jim Gabalski, Vice President, Sales and Marketing


Virtual instructor-led training has been in our vocabulary since Logical Operations was acquired in 2012 by our historical leader and visionary, Bill Rosenthal. His vision of ensuring that instructors and students could access digital courseware and deliver synchronous instructor-led training from anywhere has never been more successfully tested than during the pandemic. 

As more and more countries locked down and employees were sent home, onsite and learning center-based training events stopped. But those training providers that had already prepared their operations and their instructors to deliver virtual classes actually saw that aspect of their business grow—quickly.  Logical Operations recognized that shift and for the past four months, we’ve trained over 3,000 instructors and educators on the skills needed to effectively run virtual training events.  As a result, these instructors and the training centers they work for are now offering virtual training as an option and they are seeing their students coming back. 

Under Bill Rosenthal’s leadership, the Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT) course was created several years ago. It’s evolved over time, but the basics remain.  When the pandemic hit, Logical Operations quickly pivoted and created a shortened version of the course so that we could provide essential skills, survival skills if you will, to as many trainers as possible.  We also recognized that high school and college educators needed these same skills, so we created a “sister offering” to MCCT called Certified Virtual Educator (CVE) which is being rapidly adopted by academic institutions around the world.  Both classes prepare participants to become credentialed as online educators. More importantly, these courses prepare instructors to confidently and competently run virtual learning events that are as engaging as those in physical classrooms—if not more. 

From Singapore to South Wales to Seattle, WA., Logical Operations MCCT and CVE classes are reshaping the landscape of the training industry. When instructors can train from anywhere, learning centers can access the best teacher for the job, often at a lower cost. Companies like it because it addresses cost and other issues (travel and illness) that create absenteeism by students.  And training centers really like it because it allows training to occur using the most effective modality—instructor led. <  

CVE: Sell LO’s or Sell Your Own
by Jim Gabalski, Vice President Sales and Marketing

Certified Virtual Educator (CVE) is a 4-hour course that teaches teachers how to effectively engage students in a virtual classroom. Logical Operations created this course using our time-tested Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT) content as a foundation. With some modifications to timing and activities that make the content relevant for academic environments, we are currently filling classes with high school, college, and elementary school teachers—in that order—from school districts around the world. And the reviews have been fantastic!

See: Rochester First, News 8: Empowering Teachers Across The Country And The World

Logical Operations has developed a schedule of CVE classes that you can offer to school districts in your area. When you sell into our classes, we share 35% of the net revenue with you. It’s a great way to get started and the fastest way to offer this in-demand training to teachers who need it now. Learn more about CVE and see class dates available from our website where you can also download the course outline and exam blueprint. You can always contact your Logical Operations Account Manager too.

As a second option, Logical Operations can certify you to teach your own CVE classes. To do this, you will need to have an instructor sit for a class and pass the exam, as well as conduct a teachback or interview with LO’s Master CVE, Jon O’Keefe. Once you have a Master CVE identified and certified, Logical Operations will supply you with the instructor and student kits needed to run successful CVE classes. Jedi Jon or any Logical Operations Account Manager can guide you through the process to make this happen. 

I’ve been asked about CVE quite often and I have spoken with many educators and administrators about the future of virtual instruction. While the pandemic forced the transformation, virtual education will likely be part of the mix for the indefinite future, even when the virus goes away. With nearly 7 million teachers in the United States alone, CVE is likely to be in demand for quite some time. Logical Operations invites you to help teachers become more effective as virtual educators by selling into our classes or offering your own. 

CHOICE Curriculum: Designed for Virtual-Delivery Success 
by Nancy Curtis, Vice President, Content

The current global health situation has suddenly created urgency and focus on virtual-training delivery.  At Logical Operations, we’re proud that our instructional products have been built from the start to support virtual-delivery success. From the very inception of the CHOICE instructional model in 2012, we’ve been creating and testing our products to ensure success across all three dimensions of the modern classroom, especially the critical first dimension of virtual instruction.  


Here’s how CHOICE instructional products from Logical Operations and CertNexus meet the need for engaging remote learners:  

  • CHOICE test classes are always conducted with virtual participants, so we know from the start that the material will work with remote learners.   

  • Topics are designed in job-task-sized chunks, with frequent, explicit practice of each skill interwoven with the presentation. 

  • Companion LogicalLABs make it easy to support hands-on learning for remote students, and help eliminate setup and technical issues. 

  • Our CHOICE digital-delivery platform means every student can access all course materials quickly and easily through a web browser.  No logistic concerns with shipping, storage, or distribution. You can even send CHOICE keys directly to your students from the Logical Operations store when you place your order.   

  • Notes, suggestions, and other instructor supports for enhancing student engagement in any mode are provided in notes and front matter in the Instructor Edition. 

  • Digital assets such as Checklists and Spotlight videos and student self-check Assessments are all deployed from the CHOICE platform for your students to engage with anytime, anywhere.  

We’ve always been ahead of the virtual-delivery curve with our CHOICE product line; we’re glad we can offer the instructional products to help you stay ahead of it too.    

Latest Product Highlights
Microsoft® Teams® (Desktop and Browser)

Programming and Data Wrangling with VBA and Excel®

VBA with Microsoft® Excel® (note: course is a subset of 091158)

Using Data Science Tools in Python

ITIL 4 Drive Stakeholder Value (DSV)

ITIL 4 High Velocity IT (HVIT)

Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner (Exam AIP-110)

Certified Cyber Secure Coder® (Exam CSC-210)

For a complete list of current and updated courses, download the Product Summary Guide below.


Content Revisions

Logical Operations revises student and instructor materials based on technical changes, customer feedback, and our own assessment of necessary changes. The revision notes for the most recent updates are below.

091094 Microsoft® 365 Office for the Web (with Teams®): For Revision 2.0, releasing on August 17, the course material has been generally refreshed.  The course has been retitled “Microsoft® 365 Office for the Web (with Teams).” For a more efficient instructional flow, the Planner topic was removed, and the separate topics on OneDrive and Delve were streamlined and combined to allow for coverage of the new Search bar. Numerous maintenance-level changes to text, activities, screenshots, and slides were made throughout.  (Keep in mind that Microsoft continues to make changes to the online version of Office as they see fit, so at any given time there may be discrepancies between the material in the curriculum and the live Office web interface.)  

091138 Microsoft® Excel® for Office 365™ (Desktop or Online): Part 3: For Revision 1.1, small clarifying changes have been made to the wording of some steps and notes in activities 2-1, 2-2, 2-3.

094007 HTML5: Content Authoring Fundamentals: For Revision 1.1, Activity 2-3 has been re-worked due to unavailability of an external website.<

Preparing Teachers for Virtual Education
by Jon O'Keefe, Technology Education Jedi

“Technology will never replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers, it’s transformational.” – George Couros 

The transformation from a physical to a virtual classroom poses unique challenges for even the most experienced educators. While administrators believe that simply offering tools like Canvas and Zoom are enough for teachers to “lift and place” their curriculum from the classroom to online, the reality is much different. Teachers must consider several factors like how to maintain community, how to build in multiple forms of engagement, and how to adjust their delivery and content for the modern learner. If that were not challenging enough, they must do all of this in the face of uncertainty of a global pandemic. 

Teachers need help at this very moment preparing for the challenges of virtual education. Logical Operations has developed the Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT) for professional trainers who teach adult audiences, and Certified Virtual Educator (CVE) for K-12 and college educators. We have had great success with our partners offering these classes to their networks of trainers and educators. 

If you are interested in offering either of these classes to your clients, we can assist with that. The ideal organization will have ties to local school districts and colleges and have an educator on staff who has experience teaching at the K-12 level. This person should also have experience delivering classes on a remote platform like Zoom or Adobe Connect and be up to date on the basic technologies of the modern classroom. This is an opportunity to help your local teachers prepare for the most difficult paradigm shift they’ve ever had in this transition from a physical to a virtual classroom. 



CustomCHOICE: Creating a Personalized Learning Experience
by Andrea Montanarella, Manager, Custom Production

You can CUSTOMIZE to garner interest for your customer base. Tailor content into a half-day course, combine any two books together to fit your schedule, or create a 5-day Bootcamp! How? Choose specific lessons and topics you need to close skill gaps and tailor content.  If you simply want to put your logo on the cover of one of our courses, no problem!  We can do that, too.   

And now is a perfect time to go digital.  

The Logical Operations Custom Department can support your business needs in this rapidly changing climate, whether it’s:  

  • Virtual ILT Delivery 

  • A Hybrid Approach  

  • Hosting your proprietary content on our Platform 

  • Or our Custom LO Content via Digital-Only delivery   

We have heard your creative solutions, and we can support your ideas with blended delivery modalities.  

Additionally, this will give you the ability to save on shipping, and you can distribute the custom access keys to your students safely and effectively via email so they can study remotely. 

For the first order, you will receive a free Custom proof.   

Email Andrea today at cprint@logicaloperations.com OR view this short YouTube video to learn just how easy it is! 

If there was ever a time to try a Custom class, now is the time.  It is cost effective and you won’t be disappointed. Please feel free to reach out to me for solutions to meet your ever-changing business needs.  

Andrea Montanarella
Manager, Custom Production
1-800-456-4677 Option 4 | Direct: 585-350-7014