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  • Explore how to use ANY online platform (like Zoom or Google Meets) to maximize student engagement in your virtual classroom.
  • Discuss techniques for verbal and non-verbal interactivity in a virtual setting, such as proper use of chat, polls, and breakout rooms.
  • Learn tips for equipment setup and technology troubleshooting.
  • Includes the option to complete the Certified Virtual Educator Exam and earn the CVE credential for your CV.
  • Join a community of educators who demonstrate a commitment to excellence in education for all students in all settings.

To schedule a private CVE class, contact Jedi Jon at jedijon@logicaloperations.com

What Can CVE Do For You?
None of us can predict what the Fall of 2020 will look like for teachers and students across America. Earning a Certified Virtual Educator credential will ensure that you are prepared for the possibility of a return to the virtual classroom. In addition, adding this certification to your CV speaks volumes to school administrators about your commitment to teaching students attending your classes virtually with the same efficacy as students present in your physical classroom.
CVE Essential Skills

A half-day class that provides foundational skills for virtual classroom delivery. Learn what you need to know to quickly move from a traditional to virtual classroom. Includes a self-study guide for preparing to sit for the CVE exam. 

Price: $149

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About the Instructor

Jon O’Keefe holds an Ms.Ed. in Educational Theory and Policy. With a particular interest in curriculum development, Jon has taught at the college level for both two-year and four-year institutions, and has studied the impact of technology on student communications in the changing classroom. As a curriculum designer and instructor for Logical Operations, Jon has trained over 2,000 adult educators in the use of the virtual classroom and is excited to share these techniques with a new audience.

Get Certified

The Certified Virtual Educator assessment is included as part of your CVE learning experience. Once you feel that you are adequately prepared, you can take the assessment, receive your score, and print your certificate from anywhere. Shortly after passing your assessment, you will receive a digital badge that you can use to share your CVE credential—in email or on social media, this credential will demonstrate your commitment to teaching in a virtual world. Download the exam objectives >

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Certified Virtual Educator classes model what we teach. That means that we teach these classes virtually so that you not only learn the concepts, but you experience them firsthand. Learn from Logical Operations instructors that have earned their CVE credentials and mastered the art of delivery in a virtual classroom.

To schedule a private class for your district, contact Jedi Jon at jedijon@logicaloperations.com.

Media Coverage

Local company teaching online learning and empowering teachers across the country and the world, WROC News 8, Rochester, NY, July 10, 2020.

“It’s technology agnostic, it’s not promoting a type of software,” said John Freeze, Director of Center of Professional Education at University of Tennessee Chattanooga. His department is working to get public school teachers in the surrounding counties access to the CVE class. “When we first started thinking about moving our class online in the spring, I wasn’t worried about content, the ability of the teacher to teach the class, I was more concerned about how we were going to keep the students engaged with the learning.”