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Plan Your Fall Classes with Custom

Thursday, August 26 at 10:00am EDT
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Andrea Montanarella
Presented by: 
Andrea Montanarella
Global Custom Services Manager 
Logical Operations

Let us help you plan your fall classes! Join our webinar to learn how to add your own personal touch to your training content and create your own course storyline that leads to "aha" moments for your students. We can help you take standardized content from Logical Operations and create your own new course, while at the same time taking advantage of existing instructor aids.

As one instructor said, CustomCHOICE is a sanity saver for an instructor, making it easy to set it and forget it!”.  

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • Building your brand  
  • Custom logo and personalization on the cover  
  • Customizing content through re-sequencing and re-grouping the content to complement your teaching style 
  • Maximizing prep time and teaching time, in and outside the classroom   
  • Making the most of the custom classroom experience for every student with various learning styles  
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