A hands-on learning experience.

Located through a tile on the CHOICE learning platform, LogicalLABS allow students to learn in actual software applications through a remote lab environment. This not only allows the students to practice what they are learning using real, hands-on experiences; LogicalLABS also serve as fantastic post-class resources for students to practice their skills. 

Added Student Benefit:

Students have access to the software environment for 6 months after a LogicalLABS access key is redeemed. 

Ideal for:
  • ON-SITE LEARNING: Allows training organizations to simplify and reduce instructor set-up time.
  • VIRTUAL INSTRUCTOR-LED TRAINING: Provides remote learners with the necessary software, no matter their location.
  • ASYNCHRONOUS: Enables students to complete activities on their own for a seamless learning experience.
  • SELF-STUDY: Students self-studying can work through activities hands-on, at their own pace.
jan, 07 2013
If you’ve ever tried to train a class on a software application or technology utilizing a simulated software environment, we totally feel your pain. Issues spring up nearly every time you’re demonstrating software to the class, or when your class is doing a practice exercise in the software simulation environment. Invariably, a learner asks a question for which you can’t demonstrate the answer, because the simulator has limited functionality and data. You find yourself saying again and again,...