Before any Logical Operations courseware is released to the public, our content is thoroughly reviewed through a live test class event.

This event is conducted and moderated by instructors, subject matter experts, content developers, and training organization representatives right at Logical Operations' headquarters in Rochester, NY. Activities are practiced, lesson timing is reviewed, and the overall feasibility of using the content within a classroom environment (whether traditional, virtual, or blended) is evaluated.

Our modern classroom is outfitted with several different technology configurations for students, ranging from traditional desktop PCs all the way through to tablet computing devices, as well as an interactive whiteboard and hardware to interact with virtual students for the instructors. Each test class has both traditional (live, in-person) and virtual participants, ensuring the content is flexible enough to be used in any learning environment.

Register on the form below to indicate your interest in volunteering to participate in a test class (either in-person or virtually) for any of the upcoming titles listed on the form. After registration, we'll contact you with more details, including the target date for each test class event. Openings may be limited, so register today!