Logically Speaking March 2020: Decade of Data
March 10, 2020

Welcome to Logically Speaking. This issue focuses on the upcoming Decade of Data and the courses that should be on your schedule to take advantage of the training opportunities ahead.

In this issue:

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The 2020s Is the “Decade of Data”

by Jon O'Keefe, MCCT, Technology Education Jedi

According to The Economist, the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. Google makes roughly 300 million dollars per day on our data, and 7 of the 10 most profitable companies in the world make the majority of their income from tying data to human behavior. Every click, like, and follow creates virtual mountains of data that companies are using more effectively every day. 

By 2030, the following facts will have completely changed our day-to-day lives:

  • There will be 500 billion devices connected to the Internet, sending data back and forth.
  • There will be more terabytes of data storage than grains of sand on the Earth. 
  • 375 million people will need new jobs due to the changing economy and rise of AI and robotics. 

With that in mind, businesses and individuals will be looking to learn some very critical skills when it comes to data. These are the questions they will be asking you:

  • How do I keep my data secure?
  • How do I keep my data private?
  • How do I make better decisions with the data I have?

The next ten years in the training industry will be all about those three key areas. If you’re not offering training on Data Security, Data Privacy, and Data Analytics, you will be missing out on the data wave of the 2020s.

Data Training Opportunities Are Everywhere

by Jim Gabalski, Vice President Sales and Marketing

Ask most companies if they are “data driven” and almost all will say “yes”. From farming to trucking to food service to healthcare, just about every conceivable industry is adopting data and data-driven decision making to help grow and operate a business with optimal efficiency. In my recent past, I was part of a company that had over 700 field service engineers driving service vans every day. Fuel was a significant part of our cost as was “waiting time”. We used data to optimize service call routes that reduced fuel consumption and increased labor utilization rates. I share this story to simply say that data training opportunities are everywhere. 

If the decade of data offers training opportunities centered around Data Analysis/Science, Data Security, and Data Privacy, who are the best students to target?

Data Analysis/Science – We spent an entire article on this topic in our last newsletter, so I encourage you to read that. A quick recap is that you should look for people with the word “Analyst” in their title, such as Financial Analyst and Marketing Analyst. These are people who are working with data every day to answer business questions and need more advanced skills.  Common courses they take include Advanced Excel, Python Programming, and SQL Querying.

Data Security – Ensuring that data is kept safe from “bad actors” rests with the IT team. But what roles are you looking for to offer training to? Ask about roles that include Security Operations, Security Administration, Risk Management, IT Security Compliance, Penetration Testing, and Security Forensics and you are likely to find a team that needs and values security training. You can also look in the Application Development groups, as Secure Coding is a high growth discipline. Common courses they take are CyberSecure First Responder and CyberSecure Coding.

Data Privacy – GDPR made data privacy management and the creation of a Data Privacy Officer (DPO) an official role within impacted organizations. In the US, new laws, such as CCPA, are following suit. So, the role of DPO is here to stay. Data Privacy Officers typically report to the highest level of an organization, so they are typically more senior in nature and are considered to be “expert” in Data Privacy. Arising out of the IT or Finance teams, the DPO needs to be properly trained and conversant on privacy laws to ensure and “own” compliance. Additionally, a company may choose to train director-level and manager-level employees on the basics of privacy laws to ensure broad compliance. Since the IT team will need to implement tools that ensure compliance, that is a good place to look for training opportunities as well. Common courses are CIPP, CIPM, and CIPT which are all IAPP official training materials offered through Logical Operations.

As the volume of data continues to grow, so will the need to better utilize it, better secure it, and to ensure it is kept private. So, the 20s may be the decade of data, but it will also be the Decade of Data training. And you can find data training opportunities in organizations of all sizes in just about every industry. All you need to do is ask the right questions and look for the right people.

The Institute for Cybersecurity

by Jon O'Keefe, MCCT, Technology Education Jedi

The Institute for Cybersecurity recently added the CyberSec First Responder™ (Exam CFR-310) course from CertNexus to their expansive curriculum that is providing top notch training for IT and Security Professionals.

“Integration of the DoD 8570 approved CyberSec First Responder (CFR) into our turn-key Certified Cyber Practitioner (CCP™) workforce development training program enabled us to convert Incident Response (IR) and Blue Team tactic theory into hands-on experience in the cyber-range, giving trainees an advantage in the fast moving world of cybersecurity. The result of our cross disciplinary outcome-based training program(s) is the development of a robust cybersecurity workforce capable of demonstrating their proficiency in cyber defense.” Stephanie Butts, Executive Director of the Institute for Cybersecurity

The Institute for Cybersecurity is the only on-demand, commercially available cyber range providing experiential and outcome-based cybersecurity training and offering Cyber-Range-as-a-Service (CyberRaaS) in Coastal Virginia. This highly immersive emulation environment is designed for your IT domain and staff to develop the cyber muscle memory required to respond to an attack with precision. Our on-demand cyber services feature a multimillion-dollar virtual world supported by GSE-certified trainers to exceed your cyber training and product testing needs. To learn more: https://discover.cyber-institute.com/.

Your “Three-by-Three” Training Strategy

by Nancy Curtis, Vice President, Content

As you lead your organization into the “Decade of Data,” what is the best way to plan your training strategy? Logical Operations recommends the “Three-by-Three” approach – three essentials in each of the three key data-focused content categories.

Data Analytics:

Data Privacy:

  • CyberSAFE 2019: Exam CBS-310—Everyone in any work situation needs CyberSAFE. User education is every organization’s best and most cost-effective way to preserve data security. End of story.
  • IAPP: Certified Information Privacy Professional—The regional CIPP offerings ensure that data protection professionals from around the world are up to speed on the relevant laws, regulations, and best practices.
  • IAPP: Certified Information Privacy Technologist—CIPT is the first and only worldwide certification that can meet the growing need for tech pros who can ensure data privacy at all stages of IT product and service lifecycles.

Data Security:

The Three-by-Three approach is a winning formula for a strong Decade of Data training strategy.


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Latest Product Highlights

To support your Decade of Data training strategy, see the course selection in the Three-by-Three article above. For a complete list of current and updated courses, download the Product Summary Guide below.

For a complete list of current and updated courses, download the Product Summary Guide below.

Download the latest Product Summary Guide to see the full list of available titles and recent updates>

Announcing the Data Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft® Excel® Train the Trainer Kit

by Jon O'Keefe, MCCT, Technology Education Jedi

Teaching advanced Excel skills is challenging for any instructor. Our new Data Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft® Excel® course teaches many skills that help students take their Excel abilities to the next level. It also teaches students the best techniques around doing data analysis and creating visualizations that are impactful.

To help instructors prepare to teach these exciting new skills, we have prepared a Train the Trainer Kit that can be purchased right now on the Logical Operations webstore.

This Instructor Train the Trainer Kit includes a digital copy of the Instructor course material, the activity files, the PowerPoints, access to a full suite of Instructor Videos and Activity demonstrations, as well as a D.A.V.E. Expert Badge for your LinkedIn and email signatures. With this kit, you will be 100% ready to teach the hottest new Excel course on the market.

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Request Eval Copies Before You Buy

by Chandra Foster, Vice President, Customer Service

As you prepare for your upcoming classes, view our course outlines located on our store at store.logicaloperations.com. For your convenience, follow the direct links below to view outlines for our most requested courseware:

Data Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft Excel
Tableau Part 1
Tableau Part 2
Power BI Data Analysis Practitioner
Power BI Data Analysis Professional
CyberSAFE 2019
CyberSec First Responder (CFR)
CFR Train the Trainer
Cyber Secure Coder (CSC)
CSC Train the Trainer
Certified Internet of Things Security Practitioner (CIoTSP)
IoTSP Train the Trainer

To review the content before making a purchase, we offer evaluation PDFs for your convenience. To request an evaluation, email our customer service department at customerservice@logicaloperations.com.



by Andrea Montanarella, Manager, Custom Production

Did you know you can put your company’s LOGO on our Logical Operations courseware?  And, did you know you have 3 different options to choose from? 

Option 1 is the most cost-effective! Place your black & white logo on the front cover. (No LO logo!)
Option 2 is your logo printed in COLOR.
Option 3 is to design your own Custom Cover Artwork!

*Please contact Andrea at cprint@logicaloperations.com for details on a particular option OR all three to compare. 

But what about our partners, such as Packt, Syzygal, CertNexus, and ITIL?  Logical Operations makes it just as easy to add a logo to Partnerware!  Provide your logo and leave the rest to us.   

This is a great way to put your organization front and center!

E-mail cprint@logicaloperations.com and ask Andrea for a quote today!

Using Social Media to Vet Recruits

by Sana' Rasul, ACC, PHR, SHRM-CP, HR Girlfriends

Finding top talent is becoming increasingly challenging. If the recruiting world were a city, there would be someone standing on every corner calling out for the attention of potential recruits. With the unemployment rate being less than 4% in our nation, savvy recruiters everywhere are calling upon creativity and branding to enhance their efforts and improve their reach. They are also relying on data to help them increase the long-term odds of their recruitment efforts.

One of the obvious tools in the arsenal of most recruiters is social media. Not only is this an excellent way to get in front of potential candidates, but the amount of user-generated data on social networks is almost boundless. It is increasingly becoming a helpful tool to gather more information on a potential candidate than would otherwise be revealed in a typical recruitment process.

Many employers stop considering a candidate if they are unable to find them online in places such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or even social mentions. An online presence allows a hiring company to further verify or pre-screen their candidates related to personality and previous job experience. It can be a time saver for the company as well as a confirmation as to whether the candidate may be a fit for further screening.

If the unemployment rate continues to remain low, recruiters can expect competition to increase to reach the best talent. Utilizing all possible tools—and the relevant data available—is the way to lead a world-class, effective recruiting process.

HR Girlfriends offers a job board, coaching for professionals, and consulting for companies seeking to level-up their efforts.


Meet Dave Stagnitto

As a life-long Rochester native, I have spent my career leading teams in Software Development, Infrastructure, Information Technology, and Operations dating back to 1997. In 2007, I accepted an opportunity to lead the IT and Software development teams at Logical Operations and that has grown to include Global IT and Operations teams.

I am currently responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Operations, IT, and Software development teams. This includes the strategic design, development, and integration of technology platforms and business process to improve operational efficiency. In addition, I lead a manufacturing team and a network of international partners to produce the educational materials you use from LO.

One of my most challenging activities is the protection of intellectual property and customer privacy. In this ever-changing landscape, diligence is the key to ensuring the protection of data. Interestingly, most software vulnerabilities stem from a relatively small number of common software programming errors. That is why we use Cyber Secure Coding principles and are able to prevent most common “attacks” on our data. In other words, we practice what we teach.

Outside of the office, I spend my time with my wife and four children. In the summer, you’ll find us out on the lake skiing, tubing, and fishing. In the winter…well, I live in Rochester, NY.