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March 1, 2024

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The February issue of Logically Speaking covered two exciting updates: the approval of CertNexus Cyber Secure Coder™ (CSC-210) and CyberSec First Responder® (CFR-410) to the Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 8140, and the addition of selected Microsoft Community Courseware to the Logical Operations store. Keep reading to learn more.

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Two CertNexus Certifications Are DoDD 8140 Approved for Use!
by Andrea Bucklaew, Certifications Manager, CertNexus

In January 2024, the Department of Defense (DoD) approved CertNexus Cyber Secure Coder™ (CSC-210) and CyberSec First Responder® (CFR-410) for use!

The article is outlined into the following sections to help you easily understand DoDD 8140:

    • In layman’s terms, what exactly is DoDD 8140?
    • What if you don’t hold a government position?
    • What does it take to have a certification approved by DoDD 8140?
    • Benefits to a certification approved for use by the DoDD
    • Why is DoDD approval a big deal?
    • Not familiar with DoDD acronyms?
    • Online resources

In layman’s terms, what exactly is DoDD 8140?

It is a game-changer in the field of information technology and cybersecurity. This incredible document, also known as the Department of Defense Directive (DoDD) 8140, outlines the guidelines and requirements for the management of the DoD's workforce in regard to information technology and cybersecurity. It sets the standards for training, certification, and continuous education for all personnel doing business with the Department of Defense, whether these personnel are employed in the public or private sector.

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, cybersecurity has become more critical than ever. With cyber threats lurking around every corner, the need for well-trained and certified professionals in the field of information technology and cybersecurity has never been greater. And that's where DoDD8140 comes into play. This directive ensures that the DoD, and its contractors, has a highly skilled workforce that is capable of defending against cyber attacks and protecting sensitive information. It emphasizes continuous learning and professional development, ensuring that our cyber warriors stay one step ahead of their adversaries.

Therefore, if you are passionate about information technology and cybersecurity, DoDD 8140 is something that should get your heart racing! It not only provides a roadmap for your career but also highlights the importance of your job role in safeguarding national security. With DoDD 8140, you can be confident that you are part of a well-equipped and highly capable workforce that is at the forefront of defending our nation against cyber threats.

What if you don’t hold a government position?

This directive sets the standards and requirements for the training, certification, and management of the workforce that does business with the DoD. It is equally applicable to those job roles within the DoD as it is to the thousands of organizations, and tens of thousands of workers worldwide that are contracted by the DoD on numerous projects in the field of Information Assurance. As a civilian, understanding and complying with DoDD 8140 can greatly enhance your career prospects and job opportunities in the cybersecurity industry. By obtaining the necessary certifications and training outlined in this directive, you can demonstrate your expertise and commitment to information security, making you a valuable asset to any organization. So, embrace DoDD 8140 as it provides a roadmap for civilians to excel in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity.

What does it take to have a certification approved by DoDD 8140?

To have a certification approved by the DoDD 8140, specific criteria and processes need to be followed. The DoDD 8140 is a directive that outlines the requirements for the training, certification, and management of the DoD workforce in specific job roles within the field of cybersecurity. The directive establishes the guidelines for approving certifications that meet the standards set by the DoD job-role scheme. To have a certification approved, it is essential to ensure that it aligns with the specific knowledge, skills, abilities, and tasks (KSATs) required for cybersecurity professionals in the DoD. The certification must also meet the standards and requirements established by recognized industry organizations and accrediting bodies such as ANAB. Additionally, the certification must undergo a rigorous review process, which includes evaluation by subject matter experts and verification of its content and delivery methods. Overall, obtaining approval for a certification by the DoDD 8140 requires adherence to established standards and undergoing a thorough review process to ensure its validity and relevance in the field of cybersecurity.

Approval requires greater than 70% mapping and is completed by the job function.

These are the 8140 approved work roles:

Check it out for yourself on the DoD 8140 Cyber Workforce Qualification Provider Marketplace:

How to View CertNexus' DoDD 8140 Approved Certifications
Link directs you to a video posted on CertNexus' YouTube page

Benefits to a certification approved for use by the DoDD:

We are so excited to share with you the incredible benefits of certifications being approved by DoDD 8140. The DoDD 8140 provides a standardized framework for information technology certifications, ensuring that professionals in the field meet the highest standards. This approval not only enhances the credibility and recognition of certifications but also opens up a world of opportunities for individuals seeking to excel in their careers. With DoDD 8140 approval, employers can rest assured that certified professionals have the necessary skills and knowledge to protect critical information systems in their job roles as outlined by the DoD. Moreover, individuals holding these certifications gain a competitive edge in the job market, as their expertise is recognized and valued across industries, especially by those organizations seeking, or currently doing. business with the DoD. If you're looking to advance your career in IT, getting certified under DoDD 8140 is groundbreaking!

Why is DoDD approval a big deal?

It is like receiving a seal of excellence that sets you apart from the competition. The significance of this approval cannot be overstated. It not only enhances your credibility but also can open doors that may otherwise be closed. Being recognized by the DoDD means that your certification has met the rigorous standards set by one of the most demanding organizations in the world. This approval gives you the confidence to showcase your expertise and skills, knowing that you have the official stamp of approval. It catapults your career to new heights and validates your hard work and dedication. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to stand out in your field!

CertNexus has also submitted four other certifications for DoDD 8140 approval: Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner™ (CAIP), Certified Data Science Practitioner™ (CDSP), and Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist™ (CEET). We expect full approval for these courses before the end of 2024.

Not familiar with DoDD acronyms?

As with any government document, DoDD 8140 is filled with bewildering acronyms that can be confusing for those who are not familiar with them.

  1. IA - Information Assurance: This refers to the protection of information and information systems against unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction.
  2. CND - Computer Network Defense: CND focuses on protecting and defending information systems through the detection, identification, and response to unauthorized activities and intrusions.
  3. C&A - Certification and Accreditation: This is the process of evaluating, approving, and granting certification and accreditation to information systems based on their compliance with security requirements.
  4. RMF - Risk Management Framework: The RMF is a structured process used to manage and mitigate risks associated with operating and maintaining information systems.
  5. IAT - Information Assurance Technician: An IAT is an individual who performs tasks related to the installation, operation, maintenance, and disposal of information systems.
  6. IAM - Information Assurance Manager: An IAM is responsible for overseeing and managing the IA program within an organization.
  7. CSSP - Cybersecurity Service Provider: A CSSP is an organization or entity that provides cybersecurity services to other organizations.

These are just a few examples of the many acronyms used in DoDD 8140. Familiarizing oneself with these acronyms is essential for understanding the requirements and responsibilities outlined in the directive.

This article was written by Andrea Bucklaew & edited by Michelle Farney

Online resources that can help provide an understanding of the requirements needed to achieve an approved certification or training for use by the DoD cyber workforce in accordance with DoDM 8140.03 are listed below:

Curriculum Corner

Selected Microsoft Community Courseware Now Available Through Logical Operations Store

by Nancy Curtis, VP, Content at Logical Operations

Nancy Curtis, VP, Content, Logical Operations
Nancy Curtis
VP, Content
Logical Operations

Did You Know that LO Offers Microsoft Community Courseware Content?

You can now find Microsoft Community Courseware products at the Logical Operations store!  These curriculum offerings were previously only available from the former Microsoft Marketplace site, hosted by Arvato.

What Is Microsoft Community Courseware?

For many years, Microsoft authorized third-party publishers to release curriculum materials on a hosted Marketplace site, known as Microsoft Community Courseware. The content was accessible to all Microsoft partners, and the subjects were limited to Microsoft-approved titles on content not covered by Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC). In mid-2023, Microsoft opted to discontinue the Community Courseware program, and shut down the Marketplace site.

Did you know that Microsoft’s decision to retire the Marketplace was based in part on their change of focus in MOC from product-specific to role-based training? Many former Marketplace customers still seek the product-based training products that LO can now offer. If you have these curriculum needs, we can help you align them with the right partner.

So, what was a challenge for Marketplace customers has become an opportunity for the training and learning community, since Logical Operations can now bring the best of this courseware to all our customers without the limitations of the former Microsoft program.  Plus, these well-respected publishers are no longer restricted to Microsoft’s subject-matter approval, and can extend their libraries with other titles and content.

What Publishers’ Content Does LO Offer?

LO provides curriculum products from the following popular and high-quality Community Courseware publishers:

  • Combined Knowledge
  • MAX Technical Training
  • Specialist Courseware
  • Techmite
  • Technology and Training Solutions
  • Waypoint Ventures

Not only do we host these publishers’ Marketplace titles, but we continue to add their new and updated materials as well.

What Subjects Does LO Offer?

You can get Community Courseware content from Logical Operations on important topics and technologies such as:

  • Windows Server® and Active Directory® administration, configuration, and management
  • Windows® 11 implementation, management, and support
  • Office 365 administration
  • SQL database management
  • SQL querying
  • Web development and application development with C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET, and HTML 5 technologies
  • Azure® administration
  • SharePoint® user training
  • SharePoint administration
  • Intune® and Configuration Manager implementation and management
  • Power Platform®
  • Microsoft Lists
  • Microsoft Dataverse®
  • Microsoft cloud computing
  • Microsoft Dynamics®
  • Report Builder, Report Designer, and SSRS
  • And more!

How Did LO Select These Offerings?

Logical Operations was approached in early 2023 with the opportunity to host material from the former Microsoft Marketplace. We reviewed all the titles available, curated and selected the ones of most value to our customer community, and formed agreements with the highest-quality and most popular publishers. We wanted to bring you the best of the former Marketplace in a way that would complement and extend our own high-quality CHOICE curriculum library.

Benefits of a One-Stop Shop

With a single stop at the Logical Operations online store, you can now search and select the best of the Microsoft Marketplace alongside LO’s own full CHOICE and CertNexus product lines. You can still use the Marketplace course codes to find your favorite titles. And in many cases, you can obtain these Marketplace partners’ virtual lab offerings from our store as well.

LO is happy to provide these Community Courseware materials to all our customers! Purchases aren’t limited to Microsoft partners as they were with the Microsoft Marketplace program.

Plus, you’ll find many other high-quality titles from other third-party publishers all in one convenient location.

No matter what you choose, you’ll enjoy Logical Operations’ familiar purchasing process and great client service. Just find the titles you want, put them in your cart, and check out once. (Note that curriculum fulfillment processes might vary with the publisher.)

So come browse, select, and purchase CHOICE, CertNexus, Marketplace, and all our curriculum brands at the Logical Operations store. We look forward to meeting all your courseware needs.



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Logical Operations revises student and instructor materials based on technical changes, customer feedback, and our own assessment of necessary changes. The revision notes for the most recent updates are posted on the Content Revisions page.

Microsoft® Power BI®: Data Analysis Professional (Second Edition) (product number 095212) to Microsoft® Power BI®: Data Analysis Professional (Third Edition) (product number 095214)
A bridge document is available for instructors who have used Logical Operations’ Microsoft® Power BI®: Data Analysis Professional (Second Edition) courseware (product number 095212), and who wish to come up to speed on the new Microsoft® Power BI®: Data Analysis Professional (Third Edition) courseware (product number 095214) quickly and efficiently. The changes that have been made to this new course include:

  • Updated content to reflect new certification exam objectives
  • Updated content to reflect UI changes
  • Updated content to reflect new or changed features
  • Updated slides and screenshots

To view the full changes, access the bridge document on the Content Revisions page.