Logically Speaking September 2020: Emerging Technology Training
September 16, 2020

Start at the Very Beginning…BIZ Courses

by Jim Gabalski, Vice President, Sales and Marketing


When I was a kid, the first movie I ever went to see in a movie theater was The Sound of Music. Yeah, I know, I’m dating myself, but the reference serves a point and it brings back a great memory.  In the movie, when Julie Andrews is teaching the children how to sing, she says “let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start” and she goes on to show how reading begins with A,B,C and singing begins with Do-Re-Mi.  

CertNexus is focused on Emerging Technology certifications that deal with complex topics like IoT, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, Cyber Secure Coding, and Cybersecurity. But if you are a training provider and are looking for the right place to start, I encourage you to consider the BIZ-level courses from CertNexus. They are designed for students who want or need to get a general understanding of what each topic area is all about. Many organizations are exploring these Emerging Technology areas and need your help to create momentum through a common understanding of terminology and concepts amongst employees. And the BIZ-level courses from CertNexus do just that. 

AIBIZDSBIZ, and IoTBIZ are the primary CertNexus offerings available through Logical Operations and each is a half day in length. These courses provide students with a basic understanding of terminology, critical components of an implementation, key challenges, and how a successful program can help transform an organization delivering enhanced success. With two or three lessons per course and three to four modules per lesson, there is ample time for students to learn and instructors to expand on and explain concepts. Like any course from Logical Operations, the classes are designed to engage students and provide practical skills that can be used “on the job”. 

So, if you’re looking for a way to grow your business and help your customers explore and understand IoT, AI, Data Science, Security-by-Design coding, and general Cybersecurity skills, the BIZ-level courses from CertNexus are, as Julie Andrews so elegantly sang, “a very good place to start”.  


Emerging Tech Training Opportunities–What to Listen For…

by Jim Gabalski, Vice President, Sales and Marketing


Organizations that need Emerging Technology training are typically at the beginning of a significant transformation project. For an established business, this typically means that they are modernizing systems and processes. For a young and growing business, they may be establishing systems and processes for the very first time. Regardless, you will typically hear one of three “trigger terms” that will tell you that you have an opportunity to dig into: 

  1. Digital Transformation. If a company is starting or in the midst of a digital transformation initiative, they are typically implementing new, faster, data-driven systems and processes.  An example might be a company that takes phone orders today is attempting to move to e-commerce tomorrow. 

  2. Cloud Implementation. When a company is “moving into the Cloud”, it typically refers to a move from on-premise computing to a shared computing environment that allows for faster, safer, more scalable information processing and management. Cloud implementations are usually part of a digital transformation project. 

  3. Cloud/On-Premise Hybrid. Just as it sounds, this type of a project means that the IT infrastructure will be a mixed environment with some data processing happening in an onsite data center and some happening in the cloud. 

What is consistent among all of these types of projects is that they will all likely include some use of Data Science and Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, and/or Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. And the people in those organizations, including the leaders, need to have a foundational understanding of these technologies. And that is where the BIZ-level courses from CertNexus come in. 

AIBIZDSBIZ, and IoTBIZ are the primary CertNexus offerings available through Logical Operations and each is a half day in length. These courses can be easily shortened to be taught in a single day or expanded to be taught over two days. Regardless of how you approach the final training recommendation, these courses provide the foundational understanding that everyone in an organization involved in a digital transformation, cloud, or cloud/on-premise hybrid needs to know. 


Nexiot Academy Helps Global Semiconductor Company Solve Supply Chain Challenges with CAIP Training 


Nexiot® in Bangalore, India, supports enterprise

customers and professionals with IoT solutions consulting, Cybersecurity services for IoT, and certified training programs for professionals. For the last five years, Nexiot Academy, Nexiot’s training division, has provided instructor-led, remote training in IoT, Cybersecurity, AI, and Data Science. Nexiot Academy helps professionals and organizations build competency in the design, development, implementation, and adoption of IoT and Emerging Technology solutions. The organization is a well-recognized pioneer for providing world-class IoT and Emerging Technology training programs attended by professionals across the world.

When looking at what skills and qualifications organizations and professionals will need to succeed in IoT and AI, Nexiot Academy partnered with CertNexus for training curriculum and certifications. By partnering with CertNexus, Nexiot Academy has been able to deliver more value to their customers by combining world-class training and globally recognized, professional certifications that validate in-demand skills. 

Recently, a senior employee from a leading global semiconductor company participated in Nexiot Academy’s CertNexus Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner (CAIP) course. After taking the course, the leader recognized the value of adopting AI and how gaining the skills covered in the course could help his team solve specific problems related to supply chain. From there, the leader worked with Nexiot to develop a strategy and path for the rest of his team to build their AI competence and validate their skills through CAIP training and certification, ensuring a smooth AI adoption and increased supply chain efficiency.

“Adopting IoT and AI solutions is no longer an option, but a necessity to solve several challenges faced in this COVID-19 impacted world. Professionals with the right skills are the ones most needed now. With the CertNexus partnership, Nexiot Academy is well positioned in the mission to impart practical emerging technology skills and validate them with global professional certifications,” stated Suniel Kumar, Founder - Director, Principal Consultant, Nexiot Academy.

If you're interested in becoming a CertNexus ATP to run CAIP, CIoTP, or other Emerging Tech classes like Nexiot Academy does, reach out to your Logical Operations account representative at  sales@logicaloperations.com or +1.800.899.8350.


THINK – BUILD – SECURE: A Structure for Success in Emerging Technology Instruction 

by Nancy Curtis, Vice President, Content


The CertNexus three-tier THINK – BUILD – SECURE certification model creates an excellent scaffold for Emerging Technologies learning paths.   

At the THINK tier, the “BIZ”-focused courses: 

  • Empower executives, technology leaders, project managers, and other business stakeholders to steer successful Emerging Technology initiatives.  

  • Establish the conceptional foundation for more in-depth specialty training for technology practitioners.  

At the BUILD tier, skills-based courses such as CSCCIoTP, and CAIP

  • Expand data, development, and IT professionals’ ability to create and implement innovative solutions using cutting-edge technologies.  

  • Build skills that go directly from classroom to workplace, with hands-on software and hardware exercises throughout the instructional experience. 

At the SECURE tier, offerings such as the flagship CFR and the cutting-edge CIoTP:  

  • Extend IT, developer, and cybersecurity specialists’ competencies to protect the organization’s infrastructure and data. 

  • Create the practical framework to embed security-by-design and ethics-by-design into every facet of an Emerging Technology implementation.  

Visit our CertNexus page to explore how curriculum and certifications from our partner CertNexus can help you and your students succeed in today’s technology ecosystem. 

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Who Can Teach BIZ Level Courses? Look No Further Than Your Own Instructors

by Jon O'Keefe, Technology Education Jedi


I’ve recently been asked by several training companies to offer some entry-level courses on Emerging Technologies. There are a lot of businesses that are starting to look at implementing IoT, Data Science, and AI programs in the wake of this pandemic, and many of them have no idea where to start. With that audience in mind, I turned to CertNexus’ portfolio of “BIZ-Level” courses and micro-credentials. 

CertNexus’ “BIZ-Level” courses in IoT, Data Science, and AI offer introductory explorations of their respective topics, focusing on best practices and business use cases so that anyone can make an informed decision on how best to bring these technologies to their organizations. They are the perfect way to introduce these topics to your customers. 

If you’ve been looking to try and expand your portfolio into Emerging Technology, but you’re concerned you don’t have the instructional resources to do it, these classes are the perfect place to start. I’m not a Data Scientist or an AI Practitioner. My interest in those topics is immense, but it is not something I’ve ever practically done. Still, I was able to pick up these topics and teach these courses while maintaining high instructor marks, so any instructor with a background in AI or Data Science, or any instructor with an interest in those topics, can offer these classes with great success. 

The CertNexus’ “BIZ-Level” portfolio is the perfect way to begin offering Emerging Technology training to your clients who are looking for help with getting started in IoT, Data Science, and AI. Don’t let the complex nature of the subject scare you off and keep you from assisting your clients. Your instructors are ready and capable of offering this training right now, and I know you have customers who want them. 



Pick Two CertNexus BIZ Foundation Courses to Create a Custom One-Day Course

by Andrea Montanarella, Manager, Custom Production


Pick any two CertNexus BIZ foundation courses and create a one-day class!  For example, DSBIZ and AIBIZ, -or- AIBIZ and IoTBIZ.  

Although Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, and Internet of Things (IoT) are distinct disciplines, they are many times combined to provide greater business outcomes.  Each BIZ-level course increases business stakeholders’ and project managers’ ability to lead Emerging Technology initiatives by providing them with basic terminology, foundational concepts, and applied business use.   

For example: IoT and AI are examples of two areas that a student will likely want to learn more about.  IoT centers around the use of sensors to gather data, while AI uses math and logic to make decisions based on data, often in real time.  Autonomous cars use IoT sensors and onboard AI decision-making to take readings on what is happening on the road and then decide, very quickly, if any action/response is needed.  While that is a very technical example, the same approach is used in business applications.  

Combining these courses via our CustomCHOICE tool will extract value, time efficiency, and personalization—and you can even add your company logo to the front cover.  

To visualize just how quick and easy these courses can be combined, reach out to Andrea for a 1-1 demo of our CustomCHOICE tool.   

Or e-mail Andrea today at cprint@logicaloperations.com with questions and/or to discuss your specific business needs and requirements.   

Lastly, you can view a short YouTube video here.     

Andrea Montanarella
Manager, Custom Production


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