The Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on the Education System
April 25, 2020 by Jon O'Keefe

Jon O'Keefe
Technology Education Jedi
Logical Operations

Jedi Jon here,

According to many news outlets, even if the immediate threat from COVID-19 recedes in the coming months, it may not be until 2021 that things start to get back to normal.  Where this is most likely to have the biggest impact is in education, with numerous school districts around the country considering staying closed until at least the end of the year. 

Whether you are a K-12 educator, work at a University, or work with adults in corporate and continuing education, this is a scary time.  The face of education is changing as we know it, and that new face is going to be remote learning.

There have been way too many opportunities opened by forcing everyone to go remote to completely ignore the impact this shift in education has had.  Whether it is simply reaching more students, choosing increasingly diverse curriculum, or being able to provide outside the box educational experiences that wouldn’t be possible in a traditional classroom, educators are now working overtime to get the maximum benefits out of virtual learning. 

I saw a teacher friend of mine post on social media: “the school buildings are closed, but the education is still happening, and the lessons learned from this time will have a long-standing effect on our education system.”  Even though the actual school buildings have been vacated, the educational experience is continuing.  Young students and teachers are meeting over Zoom to stay connected.  Household items are being used to teach skills.  Flipped classrooms and asynchronous learning projects are being developed.  Virtual tours of far off locations are scheduled.  While many challenges stand in the way of this being a welcome shift, it is a shift that was probably far overdue.

We must support our educators, regardless of the levels they teach at during this difficult time.  Teachers of all vocations want to be teaching, and the hurdles they face right now can feel extremely overwhelming.  The good news for all of us is that teachers are some of the most creative, resilient, and resourceful humans on the planet.  With the right help, they will not only survive the switch to virtual, they will thrive in this new environment.

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