The policies and procedures outlined in this document represent the general, overarching policies and procedures that govern the administration of all Logical Operations (LO) certification programs. Some LO certifications have additional policies and procedures specific to them. Please refer to exam-specific pages on the Logical Operations certification website for information directly related to each exam. Logical Operations reserves the right to revise or update these policies, with or without notice, at any time.

Statement of Impartiality

Logical Operations understands the importance of and is dedicated to ensuring complete impartiality in relation to all Logical Operations certification programs. Logical Operations makes every effort to avoid conflicts of interest and to ensure objectivity when developing, administering, and scoring certification exams.

Policies and Procedures

1. Exam Objectivity

1.1.    Logical Operations and its agents collect particular candidate information, primarily for the purposes of verifying exam candidate eligibility and enabling the verification of certification status, from all exam candidates. Logical Operations does not collect candidate information in regard to any of the following items: race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or disability (except to make reasonable accommodations to candidates with demonstrated special needs at their own request).

1.2.    Logical Operations utilizes an online candidate-registration system to ensure all candidates have an identical registration experience and that no personal bias is involved during the registration and testing process or in the screening of candidates for eligibility.

1.3.    Logical Operations uses third-party testing centers to administer most LO certification exams. For these exams, this ensures that no party involved in the development or delivery of LO courseware is directly involved in the administration of LO certification exams. These third parties may also store and manage candidate information.

1.4.    Logical Operations analyzes all exam-related policies annually to identify potential threats to impartiality and to ensure an ongoing adherence to fair and impartial exam development and delivery practices. Further, all Logical Operations personnel are required to disclose, in writing, any known or potential conflicts of interest regarding exam candidates, exam development, and supporting courseware development.

2. Exam Eligibility

2.1.    Logical Operations does not require a fee, supporting documentation, or other eligibility verification measures from candidates for them to register for most LO certification exams. Exam-specific eligibility requirements can be accessed on exam-specific pages of the Logical Operations website here.

2.2.    Logical Operations does not require candidates to attend specific training events to take most LO certification exams. Training sessions that candidates attend to prepare to take most LO certification exams are not required to be LO-authored or LO-delivered.

3. Certificate Non-Transferability

Successful candidates who hold a current LO certification retain the certification for the duration of its validity and as long as they fulfill all of the requirements of maintaining a valid certification. However, no certification holder may transfer any LO certification to another person or entity.

4. Registration Process

While Logical Operations strives to provide a clear and consistent method for exam registration and administration, some specific policies will depend on the particular testing center location administering particular exams. The following sections of the Logical Operations Certification Exam Policy outline the general registration process policies that govern all LO certification exams, regardless of testing center.

4.1.    Candidate Personal Information and Account Registration

4.1.1. Candidates can purchase exam vouchers directly through Pearson VUE or from the Logical Operations Store here. Candidates might also obtain a voucher through a training delivery center if the certification voucher came bundled with their training program. Once candidates have an exam voucher, they can register for and schedule a testing session through their chosen exam-delivery service’s website. Only candidates with valid vouchers will be able to register.

4.1.2.  Logical Operations’ partner testing centers and other vendors may maintain a secure database of all candidate registration, certification, and continuing education information.

4.1.3.  Logical Operations maintains legally enforceable agreements with all exam-delivery partners and certification program vendors to ensure that candidate information is maintained in a secure environment and is released only to authorized parties.

4.2.    Domestic Registration Process

Scheduling exams domestically (typically defined as exams delivered by testing centers in the United States and Canada) is based on seating availability at the selected testing center location. Logical Operations cannot guarantee that seat availability at any particular location will accommodate candidate schedules. Visit your testing centers’ website to view its registration process policy.

4.3.    International Registration Process

Scheduling an exam time for LO certification exams internationally may involve additional requirements and fees. Visit your international testing centers’ website to view its registration process policy.

4.4.    Cancellations and No-Shows

All cancellations must be made in accordance with the policies of the specific testing center that is administering your certification exam. Additionally, candidates are subject to the testing center’s no-show policy in terms of rescheduling or seeking a refund. Visit your testing centers’ website for more information on cancellations and no-shows.

4.5.    ADA Requests

4.5.1.  In accordance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), candidates with a demonstrated need may make requests for special accommodations that relate to that need when scheduling an exam. Requests must be made to Logical Operations in writing at least 35 calendar days prior to the requested exam date. Requests must be reviewed and approved by Logical Operations and supporting documentation may be required. Logical Operations will inform the testing center of candidate needs once ADA requests are approved.

4.5.2. Candidates can submit ADA requests via email to

4.5.3.  Specific ADA accommodation policies and procedures are dependent on the testing center that is delivering your selected Logical Operations certification exam. Logical Operations strongly recommends that you refer to the appropriate testing center’s website for specific information.

4.6.    Candidate Identification

While specific requirements for candidate identification and acceptable forms of identification depend on the specific testing center that is administering your exam, candidates will generally be required to bring registration confirmation and a government-issued ID to take any Logical Operations certification exam. Contact the testing center that is delivering your scheduled certification exam for specific information on requirements and acceptable forms of identification.

5. Testing and Retake Policy

5.1.    Eligible candidates may purchase a voucher to take the desired Logical Operations certification exam from the LO Store or directly from Pearson VUE. Vouchers expire 12 months after the time of purchase. Vouchers for LO certification exams are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-exchangeable.

5.2.    Specific exam-delivery policies and modes of availability are dependent on the particular testing center administering your LO certification exam. For more information, visit your testing centers’ website.

5.3.    Logical Operations is the sole decision maker with regard to passing scores for all Logical Operations certification exams and for all other decisions related to certification. Logical Operations uses an industry-standard, statistical-analysis process to determine passing scores (cut scores) for all exams.

5.4.    Logical Operations uses Pearson VUE testing centers as its third-party exam administration vendor. LO exams that are not administered through Pearson VUE are hosted on LO’s CHOICE LMS platform. Scoring reports for CHOICE-hosted exams depend on the specific requirements and configuration of your particular exam or assessment.

5.5.    Upon completing and submitting exam responses for Pearson VUE-administered LO exams, candidates will immediately receive a score report based on the certification exam’s cut score. Passing candidates will be informed only that they have passed the exam. This is because Logical Operations certification exams are designed to be binary indicators of whether or not a candidate is qualified to perform the associated job task. There are not varying levels of certification; either you are qualified or you are not. Candidates who fail an exam attempt will receive a score report indicating how well they performed in each of the exam’s domains. This level of detail is intended to help candidates study for retest attempts. Pass or fail, you will be able to access your score report through your Logical Operations Pearson VUE account after taking your exam. Candidates who wish to appeal pass/fail scores can do so in accordance with Logical Operation’s appeals policy identified in section 5.7 of this policy.

5.6.    Any candidates who do not pass an LO certification exam on the first attempt can retake the exam for free (the first re-take only) after waiting 30 calendar days from the time they took the initial exam. Candidates must purchase another voucher to attempt a subsequent retake, however, all LO certification exam vouchers include one free retake.

5.7.    Candidates who wish to appeal a failed attempt at passing an LO certification exam must file written notice with Logical Operations within thirty (30) calendar days of receiving their score. Requests can be emailed to Requests for appeal received in excess of 30 days from receipt of exam scores will not be considered. Requests for appeal shall include a statement indicating the grounds for the appeal, an explanation as to why the appeal should be granted, and all supporting documentation or evidence to support the request. Requests shall also contain the appellant’s email address, postal address, and a phone number at which the appellant can be reached.

If Logical Operations determines that the appeal has been appropriately submitted within the given timeframe, the appeal will be submitted to a committee of not less than 3 impartial members for review. The certification exam appeals committee’s decision will be considered final and will be determined by a simple majority vote.

Appeals shall be reviewed by the certification exam appeals committee within forty-five (45) calendar days of the appeal request submission. The certification exam appeals committee shall notify the appellant of its decision within fourteen (14) calendar days of determination.

6. Continuing Education

Most Logical Operations certification exams are subject to continuing education requirements for candidates to maintain their certified status. While some certifications will have continuing education requirements that are specific to them, all LO certifications that require continuing education are subject to the following provisions unless otherwise specified:

6.1.    LO certifications are valid for a term of 3 years from the time the certification is granted. By 3 years from the time of original issuance, candidates must complete all continuing education requirements to maintain a valid certification.

6.2.    For LO certifications that require candidates to retake the exam, candidates will be subject to the certification objectives current at the time they retake the exam. Logical Operations periodically maintains and updates certification exam items and objectives to ensure that the knowledge, skills, and abilities being tested for are up to current standards and that the exam is still valid. Current certification objectives for all LO certification exams can be found on the specific exam pages on the Logical Operations certification website.

6.3.    In the case of certification revocation due to a failure to comply with continuing education requirements, all other LO certifications in good standing currently held by candidates will remain valid.