Protecting Corporate Data in a Hacker's World

It seems as if every day brings a new worry for your cyber security. Were those home goods worth my credit card information being stolen? How much do I love being able to Photoshop® funny cats into all of my holiday photos? Enough to have my personal information compromised? Is this new drill purchased from the hardware store worth the potential hassle?

As they seem to be getting more and more frequent, data breaches can certainly turn anyone into a hacking hypochondriac, all with good reason. All of these stories vary in detail, but nearly every one is summarized with a line that is depressingly familiar: 

one of the largest corporate data breaches ever reported.”

Download this whitepaper to learn about: 

  • The costs of failed security
  • Technologies that can be used to protect your information systems
  • How you can enlist your employees in protecting your organization from cyber threats