Logically Speaking April 2022: Are You CyberSAFE?
April 20, 2022
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The CISO Will Take Your Call!

​​​​​by Jim Gabalski, VP, Sales and Marketing


Man Making a Call on His ComputerCISOs are kept awake at night thinking about the next breach and how to prevent it.  All of them know that there is one common source of a breach and that is human error, most often from end users who use technology – a computer, laptop, mobile device, network, the Internet, and/or cloud applications – every day as part of doing their jobs. 

So, how do you get a CISO to take your call? 

Talk to them about affordably and effectively training the general knowledge worker on threat-busting CyberSAFE behavior. Here is a formula for success: 

  • Know the outline for CertNexus’ CyberSAFE-410 training.  Even better, take the course and pass the assessment. Be ready to speak to it. 
  • Offer to run a trial class with end users from throughout the organization at no cost to the organization. 
  • Gather the feedback on the training, which you can expect to be very positive, and use it to orchestrate a company-wide rollout funded by the CISO. 
  • Keep the class runtimes as short as possible – no more than four hours, and less if you can cover the material adequately (my class ran two hours). 
  • Run larger class sizes to optimize instructor utilization. 
  • Leverage eLearning or virtual sessions for remote employees. 

Take that offer to a CISO, and they will take your call. Remember, you are helping them to address their biggest concern: an expensive and embarrassing breach caused by an undertrained, unsuspecting end user who falls victim to an attack. The cost of training is an extremely small percentage of the cost of a breach… 



Get Them SAFE: CyberSAFE Training Promotion for Only $250

​​​​​by Jon O'Keefe, Technology Education Jedi


CyberSAFE get certified badgeAccording to Fortune Business Insights, the cybersecurity insurance market is growing 25% year over year. Your customers are purchasing cybersecurity insurance and they need to be able to demonstrate proof that their employees have participated in end-user cyber awareness training. CyberSAFE can help you offer your customers an easy-to-digest 1-hour cyber awareness class that comes with a micro-credential and metrics reporting—and it just got easier than ever to execute!

The "Get Them SAFE" promotion gives you everything you need to offer CyberSAFE. For only $250, you'll receive:

  • An expert trainer
  • Four 1-hour virtual training sessions with an unlimited number of students in each class
  • CyberSAFE 410 courseware for each student
  • Access to the CyberSAFE micro-credential 

This is the best way to get started with our hottest and most important cybersecurity offering. Learn more and take advantage of this offer now.




Download the CyberSAFE 410 Marketing Kit

​​​​​by Jim Gabalski, VP, Sales and Marketing


CyberSAFE logoCyberSAFE 410 is here! CertNexus has developed several valuable assets to help you start selling CyberSAFE 410. ​​​​​​In the CertNexus CyberSAFE 410 marketing kit, you'll find: 

  • An email template to share with your student network.
  • A sales sheet to share with students—with space to add your contact information.
  • A video that can be shared on your own site and social media.
  • A PowerPoint deck with information you can share with clients.

Download the CertNexus CyberSAFE 410 marketing kit

Curriculum Corner

Cyber Liability Insurance and CyberSAFE

by Megan Smith Branch, Chief Operating and Product Officer, CertNexus


Keyboard key that says cyber liabilityRecently, we had a customer who experienced a breach and needed a record of their employees’ CyberSAFE credentials. We provided a report indicating that the credentials in question were up to date. I felt the relief when the customer received the report. They explained that their cyber liability policy would only cover expenses from the breach if the client could demonstrate that they had current cybersecurity training. When they took on the cyber policy, training was a part of the policy’s risk assessment, similar to the regulatory requirements that audit if compliance training has taken place.  

If you are not convinced yet, take the following scenario into account: In 2015, a banking clerk recognized a misspelling in a transfer request. By recognizing a key identifier of a hack, the clerk launched the defense of an $81 million breach, that if gone undetected could have cost billions. Even though the breach had occurred, it was not the security team that identified it, but an employee trained to identify signs of malicious activity. 

While the hope of cybersecurity training is that human errors never occur, this story illustrates how training can provide dual protection for a company. Education is the first layer of protection from human error such as social engineering, and validation is the second layer. Validation is the proof organizations can share with outside entities such as insurance agencies, customers, and investors.  



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Get Them SAFE: How to Capitalize on the Explosion of Cybersecurity Insurance

Jedi Jon New Tech Talk Video

Most cybersecurity insurance requires organizations to perform and have proof of end-user awareness training. That means millions of dollars in training opportunity for you. Join Jon O'Keefe, Technology Education Jedi, on May 10 to learn about why the cybersecurity insurance requirement is important for your training business and how you can capitalize on it with CyberSAFE training.

He'll cover:

  • The "what": Cybersecurity insurance is on the rise.

  • The "so what?": Organizations want to be protected, but they often overlook their most targeted  assets.

  • The "now what?": Help your clients with our "Get Them SAFE" offer and don't miss out on millions of dollars of training.

Register for the Tech Talk on May 10 now.

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