Logically Speaking November 2020: ITIL 4
November 11, 2020

LO Now Offering a Complete ITIL 4 Lineup

by Jim Gabalski, Vice President, Sales and Marketing

With a November 2020 release of the Digital & IT Strategy (DITS) course, Logical Operations now offers full coverage of the ITIL® 4 training requirements. DITS completes the Strategic Leader learning path and allows you to offer training in ITIL® 4 Foundation and both the Managing Professional and Strategic Leader tracks.


Here is a look at the complete product lineup from Logical Operations:

  • ITIL® 4 Foundation: Students learn to identify, describe, and analyze all components of the ITIL 4 IT Service Management Approach. 

  • ITIL® 4 Managing Professional Transition (MPT): Allows candidates with a minimum of 17 ITIL 3 credits a straightforward path to an ITIL 4 Managing Professional designation.

  • ITIL® 4 Specialist – Create, Deliver & Support (CDS): Covers the integration of a number of proven IT areas of work, including design, build, test, launch, run, and support of products and services.

  • ITIL® 4 Drive Stakeholder Value (DSV): Addresses key ITSM topics such as SLA design, multi-supplier management, communication management, relationship management, CX and UX design, customer journey mapping, and more—all with a focus on providing candidates with the tools to increase stakeholder satisfaction.

  • ITIL® 4 High Velocity IT (HVIT): Explores the ways in which digital organizations and digital operating models function in high velocity environments that include the use of work practices such as Agile and Lean, and technical practices and technologies such as Cloud, Automation, and Automatic Testing—all with a focus on rapid delivery of products and services to obtain maximum value.

  • ITIL® 4 Strategist – Direct, Plan & Improve (DPI): Provides the practical skills necessary to create a "learning and improving" IT organization, with a strong and effective strategic direction. Examines the influence and impact of Agile and Lean ways of working, and how they can be leveraged to an organization's advantage.

  • ITIL® 4 Digital & IT Strategy (Coming Soon): Explores the use of ITIL framework to support an organization’s digital transformation journey by providing a structured and flexible approach for addressing service management challenges and utilizing the potential of modern technology to get the most value from digital technology.

Optimization of IT Service Management has become a hot topic for organizations of all sizes. IT Services provide strategic value to organizations that deliver products digitally or use digital technologies to support their business. With ITIL 4 gaining in popularity as a result of the streamlined approach, offering ITIL 4 training is one of the fastest ways to grow your business in 2021. 



Top 3 Reasons to Sell ITIL 4 Classes Powered by Logical Operations

by Ronnie Pignato, Marketing Specialist


ITIL® 4 Foundation is currently one of Logical Operations’ fastest growing training courses, globally. ITIL 4 is designed to help corporations understand the best modern, technological security and management strategies in order to increase overall value from IT operations. With demand continuing to grow as more organizations adopt ITIL 4, selling ITIL courses should be a top priority and, simply stated, easier than in years past. 

Top 3 Reasons to Sell ITIL 4 Classes Powered by Logical Operations: 

  1. LO offers a complete portfolio of products that support ITIL 4 certifications. 

  2. LO courseware is designed to make difficult concepts easy to understand for your students. 

  3. LO puts the power of exam voucher fulfillment into your hands, making it easy for you to provide exam access to your students on your schedule, not ours. 

With the Digital & IT Strategy course launching soon, LO’s complete lineup is designed to engage students with a guided, informational approach. The ITIL 4 courseware offers the fundamental business techniques among various aspects of IT, such as driving stakeholder value, digital service delivery, and bringing digital best practices to life. Additionally, all of the course material makes it easy for an instructor to teach and a student to learn. 

Finally, when you are ready to order exam vouchers, we step out of your way and allow you to access the Passport portal at your convenience. This unparalleled level of access allows you to transact exam voucher purchases on your own, when students want to buy. 

Don’t wait to start selling ITIL 4 from Logical Operations. 



BluescreenIT Sees Success with ITIL 4 Training


BluescreenIT Ltd, established in January 2004, provides commercial, bespoke IT and cyber security training for many of today’s leading industry IT vendors. Training is provided using an in-house team and through a network of learning partners. BluescreenIT’s Training division has delivered Ministry of Defence (MoD) resettlement training programmes to support UK MoD personnel transitioning into commercial operations for over 16 years. In 2017, BluescreenIT opened its Cyber Security Community Security Operation Centre, employing and training cyber apprentices to build the local skills pool in information security specialists that are equipped to tackle rising levels of cybercrime.

BluescreenIT sees a rise within private and public sector organisations of all sizes looking to drive digital transformation within their business strategy. The COVID-19 pandemic, in some cases, is now directing what this new strategy will look like as opportunities and demands are frequently changing. Three-to-five-year plans are now being introduced far earlier than expected and businesses need to drive efficiency and costs savings, in some cases to survive. ITIL 4 gives them a framework to take those demands and opportunities to become more efficient and make better use of resources. Ultimately, this is helping organisations become stable, create revenue streams, and gain back their competitive advantage.

As a user of Logical Operations’ IT training content for many years, BluescreenIT relies on the well-structured material that is continually updated against the training objectives and required learning outcomes. The range of materials supplied allows BluescreenIT to deliver immersive training environments across traditional classroom training and the now ‘virtual’ attendance courses. Having completed the Logical Operations Modern Classroom Certified Trainer course, it was easy for BluescreenIT to adapt the ITIL® 4 Foundation training delivery to meet the new complex situation created by COVID-19. 

BluescreenIT has successfully delivered the ITIL 4 Foundation course to over 200 MoD civilian and military personnel over a 12-month period. Conducted across multiple UK sites and delivered virtually due to the pandemic, the training courses were tailored to the MoD requirements with ITIL service management being key to the delivery of their current and future CIS capabilities.

BluescreenIT internally uses the key concepts of the ITIL 4 framework across all operational functions and trains its own staff, which has enabled the organisation to deliver an award-winning internal apprenticeship programme for the Security Operations Centre. 

“The adoption to value enablement really gives organisations the agility to focus on their customers. It gives them the flexibility to approach digital transformation across multiple business activities and drive their products and services across multiple markets. Having the freedom to use the areas of ITIL 4 that best fit, means they can customise their approach to using the framework,” said Benjamin Franklin, Chief Technology Officer, BluescreenIT. To learn more about BluescreenIT, visit https://www.bluescreenit.co.uk/.



Zen and the Art of Certification Mapping

by Jason Nufryk, Instructional Designer


Many Logical Operations courses align with examinations offered by industry-leading certification bodies—everything from ITIL®, to CertNexus®, to PMI®, and more.  But the exam specifications may be designed to evaluate competencies—not as a road map for instructional delivery. 

So, how do we take a third-party certification and turn it into courseware that aligns with our CHOICE instructional model? We start by evaluating the who, what, and why of the certification: 

  • Who does the certification evaluate? What are the candidates’ backgrounds, experience levels, and professional goals? 

  • What does the certification validate? Is it a specific skill, or knowledge about a process or technology?  

  • Why is this certification valuable? What need does it fill? How do businesses and/or individuals benefit? 

These answers give us a mandate for our courseware. 

Our next step is to consult the exam specification (known as a blueprint, objectives, or outline) provided by the certification body. This guides us throughout courseware development and provides needed detail—particularly the “what” of the exam. Exam specifications vary widely across certification bodies, but they usually include: 

  • Prerequisites. These tell us what knowledge the student needs to bring to class, and to what degree or level. 

  • Domains. These are the high-level groupings that structure the material covered by the exam questions. A “weight” determines the percentage of exam items that will be drawn from that domain. There’s not always a one-to-one correlation between domains and CHOICE elements, but often we create one or two Lessons that correspond to a single domain. Rarely does a single Lesson correspond to multiple domains. 

  • Objectives. These are crucial to creating courseware. They define what specific knowledge, skill, or ability the candidate must demonstrate to pass the exam. Typically, we translate these into one or more Topics in the CHOICE model, and as a result, the objectives often influence how we approach Activities. We also use the learning level specified for each objective to determine how to treat the subject matter—are candidates expected to just demonstrate simple comprehension, or do they need practical scenarios? 

  • Detail. In most exam specifications, bullet-level items illustrate in detail what material may appear on the exam. Individual bullets are usually suggestions or examples, and may not appear on every exam, but LO courseware will cover them all to some degree. For example, first-level bullet items often become one or more Knowledge Blocks (KBs), whereas lower-level bullets might become individual entries in a table, list, or paragraph. 

We weave all these factors together in our course outlines. But remember that the exam specification exists to drive the exam items and scoring; it’s not an instructional plan. So, our CHOICE offering may change the sequence and grouping. For example, if a domain has five objectives, four might be in one lesson, and the fifth in some other lesson. It might make more sense for students to learn that material at a different time, or that material might fit better in a different instructional context.  

We make the connections between the course and exam for you on the title page of each lesson, and in a mapping document that is available through the CHOICE platform. 

Designing CHOICE courseware both to map to a certification exam and to be instructionally valid is sometimes more art than science. Our ultimate goals are to support the instructor in effective delivery, and the students in success both at the exam and at their jobs. 



Latest Product Highlights


Content Revisions


Logical Operations revises student and instructor materials based on technical changes, customer feedback, and our own assessment of necessary changes. The revision notes for the most recent updates are below as well as posted on the new Content Revisions page. Use this page as a resource to quickly access and view all revision details for any of our recent course updates. 

Reminder: When viewing a product on the store, check the Revision Information tab to see the summary description of the most recent revision for that product at any time.




ITIL Training During the Pandemic: Remote Is GOAT

by Jon O'Keefe, Technology Education Jedi


ITIL® training is in hot demand. IT Service Management is one of the training topics that has been least affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, as it is of critical importance to tens of thousands of organizations. The challenge now isn’t finding an organization that wants ITIL training, it’s making sure you can deliver it effectively to them. 

Before the pandemic, 41% of training was in person, while 52% of it was virtual. Now, organizations have shifted; only 22% of training is in person, and 72% of it is virtual (Training Industry). This means that for the foreseeable future, the majority of ITIL training will be done virtually.   

Logical Operations Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT) program gives you the skills to elevate your virtual training. The 4-hour class and accompanying certification are offered virtually, with both public and private options. We are continuing to offer the course through the end of the year at the deeply discounted cost of $95 per registrant.   

Don’t miss training opportunities because you aren’t ready to offer virtual ILT. Get MCCT certified and be ready for whatever the future holds. 



Customize ITIL® 4 Awareness to Meet Your Learners' Needs

by Andrea Montanarella, Manager, Custom Production


The ITIL® material needs to be accredited through PeopleCert®, therefore, it’s not customizable. However, ITIL® 4 Awareness is an exception! You can customize ITIL Awareness to garner interest for your customer base. You can tailor the ITIL 4 Awareness content into a half-day course to fit your schedule or choose the specific lessons and topics you need. If you only want to put your logo on the cover, no problem! Contact Andrea Montanarella in Custom Print to set up a demo or answer any questions. For the first order, you will receive a free custom proof. Email Andrea today at cprint@logicaloperations.com.  

Andrea Montanarella

Manager, Custom Production


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