Announcing “CMMC: Organizational Foundations” Training for Professionals
May 24, 2023

CMMC training for professionals

About CMMC:

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) represents one of the largest areas of growth for training providers in cybersecurity. The CMMC program will require that all United States Department of Defense (DoD) contractors and subcontractors hold a CMMC certification to bid on contracts. The DoD has estimated that over 300,000 companies and organizations may need to undergo a CMMC Assessment to obtain certification, which suggests that the demand for CMMC training is significant.  

Announcing “CMMC: Organizational Foundations”

For individuals or organizations that are seeking CMMC knowledge but NOT CMMC Assessor certifications, we are proudly presenting the CMMC: Organizational Foundations course. During this 5-day course, attendees will learn about the CMMC Model, how to protect sensitive information, how to prepare an organization for Assessment, and how an Assessment is conducted.

This course is available for customization via our CustomCHOICE tool, which makes it possible for you to brand the course as yours and create tailored training events by leveraging a subset of the available content. You can also add lessons from other relevant Logical Operations and CertNexus titles, such as CyberSAFE (end-user cybersecurity), CyberSec First Responder (network defense and incident response), and Cyber Secure Coder (secure coding best practices), that can help your customers feel prepared for their CMMC Assessments.  

How to offer CMMC training:

There are two paths to offering CMMC training: 

  1. Become a Licensed Training Provider (LTP) with The CyberAB and be able to offer Authorized CMMC training to individuals who want to become Assessment professionals and to organizations who want to certify internal employees. Logical Operations is a Licensed Publishing Partner (LPP) and can provide you with Official CATM-approved content (Certified CMMC Professional & Certified CMMC Assessor) once you’ve become an LTP. 
  2. Test the market by offering training through Logical Operations’ CMMC Organizational Foundations, which is appropriate for any person who is not looking to be certified as a CMMC Assessor but does want to learn all about CMMC.  

Whichever path you choose for offering CMMC training, we can assist you.

Who needs CMMC training?

Here is a list of individuals who might need CMMC training (either authorized or unauthorized): 

  • Employees of Organizations Seeking Certification (OSCs)
  • Information Technology (IT) and Cybersecurity Professionals
  • Regulatory Compliance Officers 
  • Legal and Contract Compliance Professionals 
  • Management Professionals 
  • Cybersecurity and Technology Consultants 
  • Federal Employees 
  • Candidate CMMC Assessment Team Members 

There are other opportunities that surround CMMC that many organizations will want to take advantage of. CMMC is all about cybersecurity and resilience, and specific parts of CMMC point towards cyber compliance training, incident response training, and coding and patching procedures. 

Every organization will benefit from moving forward with CMMC. Now is the time to offer CMMC training to your clients. Contact to get started!