Logical Operations to Start Selling Python Institute Certifications
April 21, 2023

The Open Education and Development Group and Logical Operations are proud to announce a brand new partnership between the two organizations. This partnership aims to directly benefit learners of the Python programming language across the globe.

OpenEDG is the parent organization of the OpenEDG Python Institute, the C++ Institute, and the JS Institute. OpenEDG provides independent, vendor-neutral certifications in the field of programming, recognized globally by many multinational corporations, international public and private institutions, and many government organizations.

Logical Operations develops and publishes the most widely used and respected training courseware available today. Logical Operations’ curriculum offerings include over 5,500 unique titles that span across major categories including User Productivity, Data Science, Networking and Security, Web Development and Mobile Programming, Project Management and Business Analysis, and Workplace Skills. Its content is designed to be flexible for any learning environment (virtual, in-person, or asynchronous) and is delivered through a multitude of delivery platforms to help expand the student learning experience in and beyond the classroom. For more information, connect with Logical Operations at https://logicaloperations.com/, and on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/logical-operations/.

The new partnership between OpenEDG and Logical Operations will facilitate access to Python certifications and learning materials around the world, enabling students to access Logical Operations learning materials and schedule and pass the OpenEDG certifications as part of the Logical Operations learning pathways. Together with data science and AI certifications from CertNexus (a Logical Operations brand), Logical Operations and OpenEDG will be in a unique position to support students and help them to become highly skilled and valued development professionals in the job market.

“More students than ever before will be able to begin their programming careers in AI, machine learning and data analysis, thanks to our new partnership with Logical Operations. By including the OpenEDG Python Institute certifications in their pathway, Logical Operations has cemented the road from beginner programmer to expert.” — Maciek Wichary, VP & CEO, OpenEDG.

“Logical Operations is proud to announce a new and valued partnership with OpenEDG, one of the most trusted and respected providers of certifications in the programming industry. Together, we will help new programmers to be ready for data-driven jobs within emerging technology such as Data Scientists and Machine Learning”. — James Varnham, EVP of Global Sales & Marketing at Logical Operations.