CyberSAFE Updated to Address New Workplace Realities
April 6, 2022 Rochester, N.Y.

CyberSAFE training by CertNexus is designed to provide knowledge workers with practical skills that reduce the likelihood of a cybersecurity breach.  According to IBM and ISSA, approximately 90% of security breaches are the result of human error and could be easily prevented with proper training.  The Colonial Pipeline breach, considered a national security threat, was the result of an exposed VPN password that was used by attackers to gain access to systems, ultimately causing the shutdown of the 5,500-mile oil pipeline and compromising gas availability to most of the East Coast of the United States for several days. This was an easily preventable breach.

CertNexus has recently released CyberSAFE (Exam CBS-410) in instructor-led format, and eLearning will be launched in May.  With significant changes in the way people work resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic, most significantly the use of home offices and remote technologies, CyberSAFE 410 addresses the new security threat landscape.  “CyberSAFE 410 puts an increased emphasis on social engineering attacks which have grown in frequency recently,” says Megan Smith Branch, Chief Operating Officer, CertNexus.  “Attackers are becoming more deceptive and are relying less on software vulnerabilities and more on human error to gain access to systems.”  CyberSAFE 410’s renamed Domain 4, Online Security and Remote Access, specifically addresses behaviors knowledge workers can employ to work from remote locations securely. “CyberSAFE behavior is no longer just about securing a device or the data on the device,“ says Smith Branch, “It’s also about being able to spot the beginning of an attack and avoid falling into the traps that the attackers have prepared for you.”

Logical Operations has emphasized cybersecurity training as a critical need for all organizations around the globe.  “We’ve partnered with CertNexus to drive cybersecurity training for knowledge workers, application developers, IT professionals, and IT leaders,” says Jim Gabalski, Vice President, Logical Operations. “CyberSAFE 410 is a critically important offering as it addresses the largest audience which creates the greatest risk. CyberSAFE training is completed in a short amount of time and provides training that can be put to use on the same day the training is taken.”  CyberSAFE 410 is available in instructor-led format (4 hours) and will soon be available in eLearning as well.  The course covers four lessons: 1. Identifying Security Compliance Measures, 2. Recognizing and Addressing Social Engineering Attacks, 3. Securing Devices, and 4. Using the Internet Securely.  Both training formats include access to a 25-question assessment which is easily completed in under 40 minutes.  A score of 80% or greater results in the receipt of a CyberSAFE credential and badge which is valid for one year.

CertNexus is providing a free Train-the-Trainer session facilitated by expert CertNexus Instructor, Al Wills.  The event will be on April 18th from 3:00 to 5:00 P.M. EDT with a recorded session available for a limited time only for session registrants. During this virtual event, Al will overview the CyberSAFE 410 course content and provide insights to effectively deliver CyberSAFE. Instructors can register for the event or purchase an Instructor Kit at a 50% discount from the Logical Operations online store using the discount code CBSTT50 at checkout.

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