Logical Operations Launches Instructor Spotlight Recognizing “Best of the Best” Technology Instructors
September 16, 2021 Rochester, N.Y.

Logical Operations is recognizing instructors who have reached major milestones in excellence. Each instructor recognized has made a meaningful impact in the technology training world. It's these outstanding people that are spotlighted by Logical Operations as they are the ones that make instructor-led training events successful. Spotlight instructors are nominated by their peers and managers with two instructors recognized each month.

“We're looking for the best of the best,” says Jim Gabalski, Vice President of Logical Operations, adding, “Each instructor may only be nominated for one of the two Instructor Spotlight categories: Emerging Tech Instructor and Applications Instructor.”

Logical Operations Instructor Spotlight   

Spotlight Emerging Tech Instructor is given to someone who is on the cutting edge, teaching where no person has gone before. “It isn’t always easy teaching bootcamps on Artificial Intelligence, or helping the next generation become cybersecurity experts,” comments Gabalski, “These individuals are committed to learning new technologies and inspiring the hi-tech leaders of tomorrow.”

Best Applications Instructor is given to someone who “excels” (pun intended) at teaching the courses that are the lifeblood of the adult learner technology training audience: applications and power business skills. Whether they teach Microsoft Office, Adobe, Presentations, Customer Service, or Conflict Resolution, the application instructors positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of professionals each year.

Submitting a nomination is quick and easy! Training centers and instructors can simply fill out the form here to recognize an instructor who deserves to be celebrated for their outstanding work! The Logical Operations nomination committee reviews all submissions and selects instructors to honor that have clearly inspired their students and/or their peers.  Each honoree is recognized on the Logical Operations Instructor Spotlight website.


About Logical Operations

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