Logical Operations’ ITIL® 4 Curriculum Drives 3,000 ITIL 4 Foundations Certifications
September 9, 2021 Rochester, N.Y.

ITIL 4 cover 

Logical Operations ITIL® 4 Foundations courseware has been broadly adopted by global training providers as companies embrace a more effective approach to IT Service Management (ITSM). With a complete portfolio of instructor-led training materials that support the entire ITIL 4 framework, Logical Operations materials are quickly becoming the go-to solution for training IT professionals on ITIL.

As remote and hybrid work solutions gain popularity and create stress on IT Service Management processes and practices, ITIL 4 has become a strategic enabler of smooth IT operation. Employees are demanding work-from-home options and companies of all sizes are embracing new solutions. ITIL 4’s guiding principles have been critical in optimizing asset management for those organizations while bringing value to their bottom line during uncertain times.

The ITIL 4 framework is a set of best practices for optimizing the creation, setup, delivery, and enhancement of IT services. It allows organizations to understand and internalize the best in technology management strategies, increasing overall value from a company’s IT operations. Since ITIL 4 is so significantly different than its predecessor, training is a must.  So, the demand for courseware supporting ITIL 4 certifications has grown as more organizations adopt the Version 4 framework.

“Logical Operations’ full portfolio of the ITIL 4 training requirements provides strategic value to organizations that deliver products digitally or use digital technologies to support their business,” shares Jim Gabalski, VP of Sales and Marketing at Logical Operations. “With ITIL 4 gaining in popularity as a result of the streamlined approach, offering ITIL 4 training is one of the fastest ways our training partners have grown their training business since 2019, and it is only accelerating in 2021.”

LO’s complete lineup is designed to engage students with a guided, informational approach. The curriculum includes fundamental business techniques among various aspects of IT, such as driving stakeholder value, digital service delivery, and bringing digital best practices to life.

“Logical Operations’ ITIL 4 offerings are especially unique in that once someone is ready to order exam vouchers, we step out of the way and allow you to access the Passport portal at your convenience,” explains Diana Valenti, Product Category Manager at Logical operations.  “This unparalleled level of access allows you to transact exam voucher purchases on your own when students want to buy.”

For the complete lineup of ITIL 4 course offerings from Logical Operations, visit https://store.logicaloperations.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=%22ITIL+4%22.

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