Logical Operations Training Promotes Ethics in Emerging Technology
August 19, 2021 Rochester, N.Y.
CertNexus Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist Badge

Companies embracing emerging technologies face growing demands to manage ethical risks. From Artificial Intelligence to Blockchain, balancing ethical principles against creating business value can pose ethical and commercial risk to the success of any data driven initiative. In launching its newest course, Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist™ (CEET): Exam CET-110, Logical Operations aims to aid organizations worldwide face this challenge head on.

Global technology leaders recognize the significance of applying an ethical framework in their approach to business. Modern technologies that capture end-user data, such as wearable devices that are based on Internet of Things (IoT) platforms, or the AI-driven technology to extract value from data, come with incredible opportunity—but not without serious risks of conflict and harm.  Training technology developers and project managers to consider ethics throughout the development cycle has become a strategic imperative for many companies.

Created in partnership with Principia, a leading advisory firm on organizational ethics, CEET provides students the tools to identify and manage common ethical risks in the realm of emerging data-driven technologies. It distills ethical theory, public regulations, and industry best practices into concrete skills and guidelines needed for the responsible development of digital products and services. By following the course's practical, problems-based approach, learners become adept at applying theories, principles, frameworks, and techniques in their own roles and organizations.

“Many companies are searching for ethics professionals that will help them design inclusive, secure, responsible, and trusted technology,” explains Diana Valenti, Product Category Manager at Logical Operations. “To get there, they either must upskill their teams, or find talent trained in ethics. And that’s a big reason why CertNexus Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist™ (CEET) professionals draw, on average, a 25% higher salary than other candidates.”

For professionals that want to further verify their abilities as a Certified Ethical Emerging Technologist, CEET is designed to prepare students pursuing the CertNexus Certification Exam CET-110: Certified Ethical Emerging Technologies.

To learn more about the full portfolio of CEET courseware, visit https://store.logicaloperations.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=CEET