Logical Operations and Terillian Technologies Partner to Release LogicalLABS, a Virtual Lab Solution that Drives Increased Learner Engagement
December 13, 2012 Rochester, NY

Learning Solutions Provider, Logical Operations announces today the release of LogicalLABS, a new virtual lab learning environment that provides students with hands-on, practical experience within actual (not simulated) software applications. “Partnering with Terillian was a natural fit, as the leader in virtual labs technologies; they were able to bring the Logical Operations courseware into a live learning environment that benefits the training organization, instructor, and student.” Jeff Felice, Chief Operating Officer, Logical Operations. 

The LogicalLABS product offering provides students with a robust environment that allows them to easily move through courseware activities all within virtual machines. The class monitoring tools equips instructors with an ‘over the shoulder’ view at students work, whether the classroom environment is traditional or virtual. It also provides the technology they need to understand course content during classroom training events, while also serving as a resource for extended learning beyond the classroom.   

“Logical Operations is the first content vendor to field a full series of live hands-on labs that combines Lab on Demand Technology with Logical Operations’ superior content. It is a great pleasure to be working with such a gifted content development team.” Phyllis Scott, Chief Operations Officer, Terillian Technologies.

LogicalLABS Released on the LogicalCHOICE Learning Platform

The release of LogicalLABS was launched through Logical Operations’ new patent-pending learning platform called LogicalCHOICE. All LogicalCHOICE content goes through rigorous live classroom testing, where activities are practiced, lesson timing is reviewed, and the overall feasibility of using the content within any classroom environment is thoroughly evaluated.  The LogicalCHOICE learning system bridges the gap from traditional textbook learning, with an innovative digital platform that gives organizations the flexibility to provide a learning environment that best suits their needs (whether traditional, virtual, or blended).

About Logical Operations

Now in its 30th year, Logical Operations helps organizations and individuals maximize training with an adaptable expert-facilitated/instructor-led learning experience. Its more than 4,000 titles are available through flexible delivery platforms that are designed for any learning environment. For more information, connect with Logical Operations on Twitter @logicalops.

About Terillian Technologies

Terillian Technologies brings over 40 years of combined experience in Information Technology Training and 11 Years of application development experience to the development of tools for the Education and Training Industry. Lab on Demand, Terillian’s premier product, provides content and lab developers with a complete suite of tools to develop the very best in hands on activities for students.