Logical Operations and CareerAcademy Offer Video Training Course to Prepare Students for CFR-210 Certification
January 24, 2017 Rochester, NY

Logical Operations is pleased to announce that CareerAcademy is now offering a video-based training course aimed at helping students prepare for the Logical Operations CyberSec First Responder (CFR-210) certification.

While other certifications are watered down with a lot of general background information security coverage, the CFR-210 exam tests candidates on their ability to detect the latest security threats, respond to them, and stay ahead of new attacks that emerge daily. CFR-210 is comprised of four highly focused domains with a single purpose: proving candidates are ready to defend information systems from attacks and mitigate costly damages.

CFR-210 exam candidates should have at least 2-5 years of experience working in a networking environment as a first responder. Successful candidates will have the knowledge and skills required to effectively detect, identify, and respond to malicious activities involving data systems. Additionally, successful candidates will have the foundational knowledge to deal with a changing threat landscape and will be able to perform root cause analysis, determine scope, accurately report results, and recommend remediation actions.

“Logical Operations is thrilled to see CareerAcademy building self-paced resources that will help our candidates achieve their CFR-210 certification,” says Joe Mignano, VP of Channels for Logical Operations.

“Working with Logical Operations and their team of courseware developers ensured that the matching CareerAcademy video content is more than adequate to prepare students to take and pass the CFR-210 exam," said Kevin Stuart, Director of Operations for CareerAcademy.

"In today’s high-risk digital world, the need for CyberSec First Responders is growing daily. Companies, organizations, and governments must ensure that their staff are adequately equipped to combat growing cyber security threats. The CFR-210 certification exam course will help to achieve this goal along with the corresponding exam,” continued Stuart. 

For more information on the CareerAcademy CFR video course, click here

To learn more about the CyberSec First Responder courseware and certification, click here.

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