Logical Operations Updates CyberSAFE End-User Cybersecurity Courses and Credential to Combat the Latest Cyber Threats
July 26, 2017 Rochester, NY

Logical Operations, the world’s leading provider of information technology instructor-led courseware, announces that the CyberSAFE course and credential have been updated to meet today’s cybersecurity standards. The CyberSAFE – 2017 courses and credential, developed by Logical Operations, helps organizations combat cybersecurity threats through educating end-users. This update highlights Logical Operations’ dedication to constantly maintaining up-to-date training programs and corresponding exams.

End-users play a critical role in protecting an organization’s data, but often times, they are the weakest link in the security chain. With the cybersecurity risk for end-users at an all-time high, Logical Operations knows the importance of educating all employees in an organization with basic cybersecurity skills. To stay ahead of the latest cyber threats, Logical Operations reviews the CyberSAFE program for potential content updates a minimum of two times per year. This regular review of CyberSAFE demonstrates Logical Operations willingness to curate and maintain their authored exams and training programs.

Updates within the CyberSAFE training curriculum include refreshed instructional text and graphics to meet today’s security standards as well as adding graphics that provide a better simulation of security principles discussed in the course. In addition, the updated CyberSAFE credential, CyberSAFE CBS-210, now covers four exam domains compared to three from the previous version. These domains include Compliance, Social Engineering, Device and Data Protection, and Online Security.

“We are pleased to release an updated version of the CyberSAFE end-user cybersecurity training curriculum and exam credential,” said Bill Rosenthal, CEO, Logical Operations. “We pride ourselves on leading the industry in cybersecurity course updates, and the updated CyberSAFE training curriculum and exam credential include enhancements that will help employees and individuals gain the skills they need to proactively identify and avoid the latest cyber threats.”

The updated CyberSAFE training curriculum and credential are available for purchase now. For more information about the updates, or to learn how you can order CyberSAFE CBS-210, please contact insidesales@logicaloperations.com or 1.800.889.8350

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