Logical Operations Debuts New Subscription Service for Digital Training Content
August 6, 2018 Rochester, NY

Logical Operations, the world’s leading provider of instructor-led technology training curriculum, announces the availability of a new subscription service that provides customers with a convenient option for unlimited access to digital training content.  

With the new subscription-based model, Logical CHOICE Subscription Service customers will receive “Multi-Use Access Keys” that allow students to redeem course content on demand and, twice per month, Logical Operations will send a report of access key redemption and automatically charge the customers’ preferred payment method. Because customers will only need to pay for digital training content that has been used by students, this new option reduces the need to place multiple orders as new students register for class and it eliminates the need for product returns. It also allows customers to better manage their cash flow with only two payments per month to Logical Operations.

“We’re always looking for ways to make it easy for organizations and students to access training content,” said Bill Rosenthal, CEO, Logical Operations. “When we designed The Logical CHOICE Subscription Service and tested it with select customers for a year prior to launching, we knew we could help reduce the time our customers spend ordering, managing, and administering training content. The Logical CHOICE Subscription Service makes that happen - it allows our customers to spend less time upfront and more time doing what they do best: helping students learn.”

To learn more about The Logical CHOICE Subscription Service and to sign up now, visit http://logicaloperations.com/solutions/6/logical-choice-subscription-service/ or contact Logical Operations at insidesales@logicaloperations.com or +1.800.889.8350.