LogicalCHOICE: A Differentiated Learning Experience
August 21, 2012 by Bill Rosenthal

LogicalCHOICE Differentiated LearningIn recent years, workforces have become increasingly disperse due to globalization, mergers and acquisitions, and the dramatic rise in virtual offices. Employee training and development organizations are challenged to provide flexible instructional training solutions that address the fundamental changes in client/employee geographies.

In order to remain competitive, meet customer requirements, and build long-term customer relationships, employee training and development organizations and instructors today look for ways to accommodate the changing needs of corporate and government clients.

In addition to finding quality training programs that can be used effectively in traditional, virtual and blended learning environments, organizations want learning experiences that incorporate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Students want to use personal devices (laptops, tablets and smartphones) in the classroom to access course materials, work on assignments and collaborate with other students.

Easier said than done! Identifying quality curriculum suitable for a variety of learning environments is not easy. Add to that the requirement to introduce personal devices into the mix, and many employee and development organizations throw up their hands in frustration.

Logical Operations recently launched an exciting new solution we think you should know about. LogicalCHOICE is a multi-platform training model that helps training organizations to meet these requirements, including printed materials and/or digital tools that deliver the flexibility to deliver a learning environment that best suits individual customer needs.

We designed LogicalCHOICE materials to be easily used in any environment, including traditional instructor-led training classes, fully virtual instructor-led training classes, or mixed classes with students who are learning in the classroom with an instructor and remotely simultaneously. In either a synchronous or asynchronous environment, LogicalCHOICE extends the learning experience with its extensive array of pre- and post-class resources such as checklists, assessments, social media communities and LearnTO digital media.

The course materials work beautifully in any classroom environment. Students can use the same class materials whether they’re at the home office or at their home office. Instructors don’t have to provide different sets of materials, so scheduling and delivering classes is simple.

Since we introduced LogicalCHOICE the feedback has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. In our next post, we’ll share how students are using personal devices to enhance the learning experience with LogicalCHOICE, and why instructors are thrilled with the results.