Moving in the Right Direction: The New Cybersecurity Directorate
October 15, 2019 by Jon O'Keefe

On October 1st, the National Security Agency (or NSA) announced that it will be launching a new organization to help boost defensive measures against cyberattacks on sensitive government information and computers in the defense industry in the United States.


Although the cyberdefense agency IAD, or the Information Assurance Directorate, has been existence for quite some time with the focus of protecting classified and sensitive networks, the new Cybersecurity Directorate aims to put all cybersecurity efforts under one collaborative umbrella. This includes cyberdefense, threat detection, vulnerability detection, and personnel of future technologies. This groundbreaking directorate will allow partnerships to form while talent in intelligence and technical aspects are put into motion to thwart the ever-present cyberattacks that continue to plague the United States from countries around the world. Additionally, the private sector will also be a focus through the declassification of threat intelligence as quickly as possible to share with businesses across the United States. Essentially, the Directorate will allow the National Security Agency to further strengthen the “cyber-shield” that is being used to protect the nation’s security systems and infrastructure from active and potential threats. The tech community and official government agencies will be able to work more closely together to protect critical assets. Leaders of the directorate also have the goal of creating a stronger unified worldwide partnership program for the sharing of information and threats in the future.


Although the Cybersecurity Directorate will not have a direct impact on the everyday operations of businesses across the country, it also aims to inspire a change in even the smallest of companies in the private sector. By making cybersecurity a top priority for the country as a whole with this new merging of forces, companies should also make it a priority in their own workings. It also encourages the sharing of information across the board to help bring awareness to rising threats and to create a collaborative environment for threat resolution.


This more active, real-time approach should help boost overall security practices to a new level, but should also be a wakeup call to those companies refusing to make cybersecurity a top priority in their own daily workings. After all, it is not just the country’s technological infrastructure that enemies of the U.S. are trying to target. It’s all institutions across all industries.


The Cybersecurity Directorate is certainly a step in the right direction for the United States, but it should also be seen as a warning. If every company in the U.S., and around the world for that matter, does not take threats seriously and make digital security a top priority, they are essentially leaving their information open to threats.


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