Breaking News: U.S. Businesses Preparing for Increased Cyber-Attacks
June 24, 2019 by Jon O'Keefe

Breaking news coming out of Washington, D.C., today that I wanted to share with you: the United States has launched a cyber-attack on Iran and is expecting Iran to retaliate. 

What does this mean? According to the Washington Post, the Department of Homeland Security warns American-based businesses to expect increased Iranian hacking activity and advises them to protect themselves from a variety of malicious attacks and exploits.

Now more than ever, it is critical that you and your customers take proactive steps to protect against data-wiping malware, credential-stuffing exploits, and sophisticated spear-phishing attacks that are expected to occur imminently.

You can help solve this immediate need with CyberSAFE, an end-user security awareness training program that helps businesses of any size prepare their employees for exactly this type of situation - by enabling them to identify and avoid cyber threats before they turn into devastating losses. Studies show that implementing a company-wide cyber awareness training program can reduce incidents by up to 70%.

Contact me with any questions or for more information about implementing an end-user cybersecurity training program.

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