Think the USA has the best cybersecurity in the world? Think again.
February 20, 2019 by Bill Rosenthal

USA Cybersecurity is not the best in the world

You wouldn’t be alone in thinking that the United States is the most cybersecure nation in the world, but according to a comprehensive recent study by research group Comparitech, four countries beat out the United States in the field. 

Comparitech’s study gathered information on seven different categories to derive a total score for each of sixty different nations. Among the categories were how many phones and mobile devices, on average, were infected with viruses, how many computers were infected, as well as a tally of a few separate specific types of cyberthreats. The test also categorized and quantified a nation’s legal recognition of cybersecurity as a priority, and its defensibility in the event of a national level cyberthreat as part its study.

When these categories were all scored and tallied up, the United States rolled out in fifth place on the list. Its biggest weakness was in the category that tallies how commonly telnet attacks, a type of cyberthreat involving the abuse of the Internet of Things, originate from a particular nation: About 4.5 percent of all of the worlds’ IoT attacks come from the US. This number is four times as much as any of the other nations in the top 10. This was followed closely by the United States’ percentage of infected phones and mobile devices, which was more than double that of the rest of the top 10.

So, with that all broken down, which nations did beat out the United States’ cybersecurity score?

4th Place – Denmark
Denmark reported the lowest percentage of infected computers of any nation listed, as well as the lowest number of attacks from cryptominers, infections that use computers to illicitly mine cryptocurrency. 

3rd Place – Canada
Canada had well performing scores around the board.

2nd Place – France
France had the most up to date legislation for cybersecurity and cyberthreats of any of the top 10 nations.

1st Place – Japan
Japan scored immensely well on almost every single category. The only categories that Japan fell behind on at all were the depth of its legal recognition of cyberthreats and its overall preparedness in the event of a serious national threat, though Japan did perform very well in both of those anyways.

What does this mean for all of us? It’s important to understand that cybersecurity is as much a personal practice and pursuit as it is a global and national one. When it comes to cyber, whether you’re in the least secure country in the world or the most secure one, your company is ultimately only as vulnerable as your most vulnerable employee. With our CyberSAFE™ training and certification for end-users, you can be sure that every link in your chain is strong, and every employee is trained and prepared, so that your company never has to end up as a cyberattack statistic. To learn more about our trainings and certifications, contact Logical Operations today!