5 Simple Ways to Improve Data Security
February 8, 2019 by Bill Rosenthal

In addition to their own private information, businesses often host a wide variety of sensitive information collected from customers and employees. A breach of this information could not only disrupt everyday operations but could totally devastate an organization completely.

With the average estimate of money lost during a data breach for a small business reaching nearly six figures, now is the time to take action to avoid devastation in the future. Here are five simple ways to help improve your company’s digital security and avoid potential data security issues:

  1. Conduct a cybersecurity audit.– The only way you’re going to know where your company’s vulnerabilities are is by conducting a cybersecurity audit. During this audit, weak points can be identified and improved before a dangerous cyberattack or exploitation of said vulnerability can occur. Things such as employee-data management, incident response plans, and everyday cybersecurity practices should be reviewed at this time to see where improvements can be made. Once this audit is complete, you will be able to see exactly where you stand now and the things that need to change for later.
  2. Limit information access.– Most cyberattacks actually stem from an internal source, which means limiting access to important information can help prevent issues from happening; every employee does not need access to each and every file. Be sure to only give access to those items that are absolutely required to complete a job to limit the possible harm that could happen should a breach actually take place. 
  3. Turn on automatic updates.– If an exploit exists in a software program, a hacker is going to find it. Running older versions of software means that hackers have had the time to analyze, access, and exploit any weak points to gain access to information. The newer your software versions are, the more protected you are from an attack. By turning on automatic updates, you will not have to worry about ensuring that your systems are running the latest releases.
  4. Monitor employees. – A study conducted by IBM found that nearly 60-percent of cyberattacks were actually carried out by internal employees. While some were conducted by unintentional employee actions, nearly 75-percent were done withalicious intent. Be sure to monitor employees’ actions while they are working for your company and, after an employee leaves the company, change all access codes and passwords that he or she used to revoke access.
  5. Enforce a training program.– The best way to improve data security is to ensure that each and every employee with access to vital company data has been properly trained to protect it. Everyone should know how to identify and report data breaches as well as their role before, during, and after a cyberattack.

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