What is Cybersecurity Culture and Why is it important?
January 16, 2019 by Bill Rosenthal

Recent research has estimated that damages caused by cybercrime could reach nearly $6 trillion by the year 2021. It sounds outrageous, but as cybercrime continues to advance in both sophistication and frequency, the number is absolutely achievable. 

As a response to the impending and expensive threats of the coming years, many companies are finally trying to build a culture of cybersecurity within their own teams to create an office-wide coordinated protection effort.

What exactly is a cybersecurity culture? In the simplest terms, it is the internal promotion of effective and safe cybersecurity practices in the workplace. This includes educating employees on the latest cybersecurity threats, teaching them company-wide policies for handling such threats, and promoting best security practices for everyday use. From better password management to dealing with a possible data breach, all employees should know their company’s policy for handling these events and should be reminded about them regularly through office culture as well as regular training events. 

This sounds simple enough, but many companies are totally lacking in their culture. In fact, a whopping 95-percent of companies in a recent survey reported a that the current state of their cybersecurity practices are not anywhere near their desired level of protection. This rift can be closed by promoting this culture and instituting cybersecurity training for the whole team, not just one individual on an IT workforce. 

Where can an organization get started with implementing a culture of cybersecurity awareness within their own organization? Begin by making sure that each and every employee fully understands the gravity and importance of their own actions in relation to the company’s overall security. With only a small percentage of employees reporting that they actually understand their role in this culture, it is the necessary first step. Companies must then enforce a training and certification program to educate employees on the current threat landscape and what they must do in their day-to-day job to help. Leave no employee unsure of what they can do in their current role to help build the culture. Companies should also try embracing symbols and reminders in the office space itself. Put up posters, give out bumper stickers, and offer small, tangible reminders of the importance of cybersecurity.  

The creation of a cybersecurity culture will not be an overnight task, but it could be the difference between spending enormous amounts of money on a data breach or hack.

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