Top 6 Benefits of Cybersecurity Awareness Training
December 12, 2018 by Bill Rosenthal

Regardless of how much your company spends on fancy automated cybersecurity systems, your employees are always going to be a weak link in your overall security plan unless they are properly trained and certified. Through cybersecurity awareness training, employees are educated on the dangers that lurk online and how they can properly identify them before the unthinkable happens.

Are you unsure of the direct benefits of cybersecurity awareness training? Here are the top six benefits for businesses who offer this incredibly beneficial training for their employees. 

  1. Enhanced Overall Security– Employers with trained employees can rest assured knowing that they are using strong passwords, flagging and reporting suspicious emails, and alerting the necessary IT or security teams about any weird activity. This not only helps protect the employee’s data, but also the company’s private information from the hands of hackers.
  2. Error Reduction– A recent study proved that up to 80% of data breaches were actually caused by employee carelessness or error. With regular training, this number will greatly decrease as employees learn what to look for, such as malware-filled email attachments, phishing attempts, and downloading spyware.
  3. Improved Employee Morale– As cybersecurity threats become more of a common occurrence, many employees feel somewhat embarrassed for being uneducated on the possible issues. By implementing a cybersecurity awareness program, you will empower your employees with the knowledge of what to be on the lookout for and how they can help the company stay safe, thus boosting their confidence, employee retention rates, and job morale.
  4. Increased Compliance– Regulations are becoming stricter as cybersecurity becomes more of a priority for both companies and the customers themselves. Some business sectors have made compliance and training mandatory, while others are still failing to get with the times. Failure to comply with the new security standards of today could lead to massive, costly lawsuits and loss of business tomorrow.
  5. Improved Reputation– No company ever truly recovers from a massive data breach after consumers and clients flee at the sight of the headlines. In fact, research conducted by the National Cyber Security Alliance proved that 60-percent of small to medium-sized companies actually go out of business within six months of a cyberattack. 
  6. Time and Money– Most companies take more than seven months to identify and recover from a cyberattack, with up to $1 million in lost revenue, repairs, assessments, and system improvement.

Does your company have the spare money and time to suffer the wrath of a cyberattack? If the answer is no, then it’s time to prepare your employees for the worst with our CyberSAFE™ training and certification for end-users. From the company CEO to the new human resources employee, anyone who has access to a company’s information systems must be trained and prepared. To find out more about our CyberSAFE training, contact us today!