The Future Is Here: Artificial Intelligence and What’s to Come
October 11, 2018 by Bill Rosenthal

When members of the general population are asked what they think about when it comes to artificial intelligence, thoughts of science fiction movies, robots, and flying cars typically come to mind. AI is thought of as an idea of the future, not the now. However, this could not be further from today’s reality. 

Between our laptops, smartphones, and cars, artificial intelligence is actually part of our everyday lives already even if you are not fully aware of it. A recent report actually estimated that artificial intelligence would add approximately $15.7 trillion to the global economy be 2030. Over the past several years, AI has begun to infiltrate nearly every industry and will only continue to grow in the near future. Only the largest companies and organizations could previously afford to invest in this groundbreaking technology, but it has quickly become a must-have for even small businesses.

With this level of growth predicted in only the next few years, how does your business plan on keeping up with the times? As companies continue to invest and rely more heavily on artificial intelligence, they must also hire and train leaders who fully understand it. There are a few steps to go through before implementing artificial intelligence in your business as well. First, you must take a look at what exactly your business needs or could benefit from in terms of AI. Determining the strategic points where you could actually use this technology, such as automating tasks and predictive analysis, can help you figure out how it will improve your company. As with any new form of technology, AI is not without its risks, so be sure to fully research the possible outcomes and critical risk factors that could impact your data or help you make such a decision. Before AI is actually implemented, ensure that the right talent and infrastructure are in place at your organization to guarantee success. If needed, build the appropriate profiles to make sure that these areas are covered through targeted training.  

To help companies construct a more successful future with artificial intelligence, CertNexus, a Logical Operations partner, has developed their Certified Artificial Intelligence Practitioner certification exam. This program and exam is designed for practitioners who are seeking a vendor-neutral, cross-industry foundational knowledge of artificial intelligence. This includes the topics of the algorithms, technologies, and applications that will enable participants to become a confident practitioner in a wide array of artificial intelligence-related job functions.  

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