How to Take a Human-Centered Approach to Cybersecurity
July 24, 2018 by Bill Rosenthal

You could put millions of dollars into software and systems to help protect your company from every known cyberattack method out there and still have a data breach occur. How could this possibly happen? The answer comes down to simple human error. There is not a single firewall or system that can prevent a human from clicking on a phishing link, losing an unsecured company cell phone or tablet, or making another simple mistake that could send private information out on the Internet.  

With this in mind, how can organizations protect their data knowing that a simple human error could still be potentially devastating? Taking a human-centered approach to cybersecurity is the answer.

  • Do not only rely solely on technology.– This is an obvious one, but people are the pivotal part of any successful security policy. There is not an artificial intelligence program that is better at pattern recognition that a trained living human. Although these systems can seek and find repetitive patterns at a much faster rate compared to humans, they do not predict security flaws and issues as reliably as humans do. With people behind the attacks themselves, real people are going to be able to see the vulnerabilities from a human perspective. Breaches often happen because organizations are simply relying on automated systems instead of including actual trained professionals.
  • Establish a team and use reinforcements. – When it comes to taking the human-oriented approach, the “team” mentality is normally a great way to achieve success. Positive and negative reinforcement are also tools that can be used to help enforce policies. When it comes to security, it is a real team effort as IT professionals and other employees begin to work together. For your human-centric approach to work, an organization of trust is required, and enforceable policies must be put in place.
  • Make training and awareness a priority in the office.– People are not born with the knowledge of how to protect data. They must be trained on time management, critical thinking, and constantly updated with the latest information on how cyber threats actually occur. Taking a people-centered approach to security means that you must provide employees with the skills required to ensure that your people are prepared for the worst. Ongoing training is an absolute must-have aspect of this approach to security. People must learn to not only be reactive to risks and threats, but also proactive in their approach to overall protection. They must be made aware of the latest threats in the cyber landscape and how they are expected to deal with them on a daily basis. 

Even with millions spent on security infrastructure, all it takes is one employee clicking on one wrong link to compromise critical data and information systems. End-user security awareness is a major issue in the business world today. The threat landscape is complicated, and the typical end-users are unaware of the ways in which they could adversely affect their organization. By taking a human-centered approach to cybersecurity, you can better protect your data and company. At Logical Operations, we kept this approach in mind while creating our CyberSAFE™ training course. If you are ready to provide your employees with the skills necessary to protect your company, contact us today!