3 Reasons You Should Learn to Code
May 25, 2018 by Guest Author

James Cronin | Business Development Manager, Packt Publishing

People often think of coding as something very specialized and technically demanding. There’s sometimes even a perception that writing code is confined to a specific type of person. But this is, luckily, demonstrably untrue. Writing code is something that can be done by anyone.
While there are some incredibly specialized roles that require incredibly detailed levels of programming knowledge, in actuality a huge number of roles today use software in creative and analytical ways. That’s why learning how to code is so essential.

Let’s take a look at 3 reasons why you should learn how to write code.

1. Learn to code to better understand how software works

Code is everywhere. Learning how to write it is a way of understanding how so much of the world operates. Understanding how things are built and how they work puts you at an advantage, in that you have an extra dimension of knowledge of how things function ‘under the hood’.

2. Learning to code will help you better manipulate and use data

The world runs on data. Code can help you better understand it and manage it. If you’ve ever been impressed with someone’s dexterity with Excel, that’s really just a type of code. In the world of data today there are more sophisticated systems for processing and managing data. But if you’re working with large datasets in any capacity, learning how to write SQL scripts, for example, is a great place to begin your coding adventure.

3. Learn to code simply to have fun

A lot of people think coding is purely technical – but the technical part is just a small aspect of it. Really, it’s about solving problems and being creative. It’s also a valuable skill which could increase your earning power. Even if it doesn’t transform your career, it could still give you a push to get to the next step.


So the opportunity lies in:

  • More people will need to understand coding as we progress in our digital economy
  • Coding provides consumers of information with more power to analyse data
  • Coding offers individuals an opportunity to further their career while providing organizations with solutions to business needs

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