We’re Living in a Golden Age of JavaScript Frameworks - Let Your Developers Take Advantage
March 14, 2018 by Guest Author

James Cronin | Business Development Manager, Packt Publishing

JavaScript frameworks make developing incredible web applications more efficient - that’s why developers love working with them. Today, we’re arguably in a golden age of JavaScript frameworks. Following a decade of new JavaScript frameworks emerging and disappearing at an incredible rate, there are a few key players in the field that are setting the agenda for the future - and defining the way we build and experience the web for years to come.

The two key players in today’s web development scene are Angular and React. Built by Google and Facebook respectively, both frameworks lead the way when it comes to modern web development. That’s because they help tackle the key challenges developers are facing - building applications that can manage scale and handle the demands and needs of today’s users, and delivering them quickly.

One of the most exciting things about open source software is that its putting power back into the hands of developers - they are invariably the best people to decide what tools to use to solve their next problem. For many web developers, Angular or React might well be the solution they know they need. Trust them to make the judgement call - give them the power to use the frameworks they believe in to solve your problems.

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