Let DevOps Power the Future of the Way you Build Software
February 14, 2018 by Guest Author

James Cronin | Business Development Manager, Packt Publishing

The way we build software is changing. This is because what consumers and businesses need from software is also changing - whereas software used to just be there, in the same way your desktop just sat on your desk, today it’s everywhere, constantly changing and moving forward - like the new phone in your pocket and the tablet in your bag.

But building software in this new world can be challenging - speed and agility are essential, but development teams also need to manage complexity and performance. You can’t afford to compromise.

That’s where DevOps comes in - it bridges the gap between development (the work done to actually create the products) and operations (the team that helps to make sure software gets to the people that need it) to allow for a more agile and efficient way of working. It not only gives you speed, it also ensures that developers and engineers can respond to issues and user requests and demands incredibly quickly.

DevOps is often referred to as a ‘philosophy’ or a ‘mindset’ - and to some extent it is. But that doesn’t mean it’s something that can only be implemented by expensive consultants. It’s something you can practically implement through new workflows, processes and tools.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to DevOps Packt and Logical Operations can help you out. In February, we’re launching Beginning DevOps with Docker - this is a course that acts as a perfect starting points for engineering teams transitioning to a new, smarter, and more agile way of working. It’s not an easy journey, but we have the resources to support you.

Logical Operations has recently partner with Packt to provide emerging technology training materials. Packt was founded to help make sense of these emerging technologies, and to provide practical resources to help developers put software to work in new ways. This practical, expert-written material gives you everything you need to deliver high impact technical training on the emerging technologies driving digital transformation.


For more information on the Packt offerings , please contact Christine Harper at Logical Operations (christine.harper@logicaloperations.com).