How Technology Training and Certification improves Business ROI
May 6, 2013 by Bill Rosenthal

Now more than ever, businesses need to invest in Technology Training and Certification for their IT teams. If you’re a training organization, and have approached your clients on the subject, you may be asked to provide the rationale behind such an undertaking; after all training is an expense that may also take critical resources out of the field.

We thought we’d provide you with enough information to make a very convincing case.

According to a 2008 IDC survey:

61% of respondents ranked skill of the team as the top factor that contributes to the success of the technology functions.

75% of managers said they believe certification is important to team performance.

25% of IT professionals hold some form of relevant certification.

40% of operational downtime is due to operator error – attributed to significant lack of training of core systems.

A 2009 IDC survey found unscheduled downtime was about 20% lower at organizations that had more certified IT staff.

IT certification is a proven way to maximize an organization’s salary expenses. By ensuring that technical staff has specific skills obtained in training and certification programs, IT certification efforts help maximize ROI.

A Kotler Marketing Group study published by CompTIA strongly indicates that certifications enable organizations to reduce expenses, identify knowledge gaps, and increase productivity. In addition, certifications prove helpful in improving uptime and reducing employee turnover.

The number one factor contributing to team success is the skill of the team members. Certifications ensure and demonstrate that a team has the appropriate technical skills in place, not only to weather the day to day technology challenges that arise, but to plan for the future of the organization as a whole.

Business today relies on technology to fuel innovation, planning and growth. Investing in technology skills now allows organizations to well position themselves to realize their short, medium and long term planning initiatives.

Need more statistical ammunition?

Numerous IDC performance studies show that certified staff consistently delivers better results, faster:

66% of managers believe certification improves levels of service and support offered to IT end users/customers.

63% of managers felt certified professionals were more productive than their non-certified peers.

59% of respondents said certifications improve implementation of technology.

IT performance can increase up to 11% with certified staff.

59% of respondents said certifications improve implementation of technology.

Certifications improve credibility with prospective employers, teammates, prospects, customers and partners.

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