Breaking the Cybersecurity Silence
December 21, 2017 by Bill Rosenthal

Three people on a computer collaborating

It’s a scary time in the world of cybersecurity. With sophisticated cyber threats being carried out against the government and rival nations attacking, the time has come for the entirety of the security world to work together to protect ourselves. This means not only communicating more openly, but also better preparing and changing the culture surrounding data breaches in its entirety.

While there are many areas in which businesses need improve their own personal cybersecurity, here are the three top ways we can change the security culture: 

  1. Speak up about breaches and attacks. – Now is not the time to hide the fact that your company has been hacked. It’s easy to understand the initial instinct to not disclose it out of fear of losing face, looking weak, or repercussions. However, we must not stay silent. Cyber attackers are like predators on the hunt for the next group or individual that they can take advantage of and steal from. The last thing that hackers want is their methods of hacking used or exploited vulnerabilities exposed to the public. They want their victims to stay silent on the issue so that they do not have to re-do their plan for every target. By sharing information on these attacks, the global cybersecurity community can come together to make it harder for hackers to create any more victims.
  2. Go beyond traditional ideas. – There are four main areas of focus when it comes to cybersecurity: network security, application, perimeter, endpoint. While this creates an outer layer of focused protection, it does little to protect the information and data in the middle. This is the area where customer accounts, employee files, transactions, and other information lives. Cybersecurity can no longer only consider these areas and must take this vital information into account.
  3. Start sharing information between companies and agencies. – The only way to make the digital world a safer place is by sharing information about the origin, extent, and nature of cyber-attacks and data breaches. Thankfully, strides are already being made in this area between many different countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Australia, and Singapore. We must work together to share information about threats and events to prevent a potential cyber war. These relationships can help other countries learn about different or new tools or processes to put into effect and increase the global level of security. 

It may sound rather cliché, but the only way we are going to take a stand at a global level against cyber criminals is by standing and working together. What is your company doing to make the digital world a safer place?