How Can Focusing on Cybersecurity Enhance Your Brand?
December 5, 2017 by Bill Rosenthal

Cybersecurity symbol over laptop

Referred to as the “greatest threat to our markets right now” by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, cyber threats have dominated the headlines across the globe with recent attacks, such as WannaCry and Petya. Between ransomware, identity theft, hacking, phishing, the list of ways that cybercriminals are attacking both companies and individuals also seems to be ever-growing. Thousands of acts of cybercrime are occurring every single day at an astonishing rate, with almost 50-percent of them specifically targeting businesses. 

The scale and victim base of these attacks are equally as scary as their frequency. Fortune 500 companies are not the only ones who are being targeted – larger companies may be hit the most frequently, but smaller businesses are attacked the hardest. This means that no one is safe. In the digital economy of today, customer trust has become a vital component for success and nothing breaks their trust like a data breach. 

Do not give your customers a reason to not trust your business. Enhance your brand by focusing on cybersecurity and adopting these three key security actions: 

  • Hold all employees accountable for cybersecurity. – You can put every feasible amount of cybersecurity protection in place to protect your company, but one mistake made by one employee can undermine it all. According to the 2017 IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index, almost 95% of all security problems actually involve errors made by humans. This includes everything from employees visiting corrupt websites, clicking on phishing links, or even IT employees making small errors themselves. Help protect your business by empowering employees with training and making them the first responders in the event of a cyberattack. Our CyberSec First Responder training gives employees the skills needed to serve their companies before, during, and after a breach as the first line of defense.
  • Make maintenance a priority. – There is nothing “one-and-done” about cybersecurity. Proper protection means keeping up with maintenance for both your technology and your employees. Take the time to ensure that all software and programs are always updated with the latest releases.
  • Be transparent with customers. – Customers value transparency, so let them know what you are doing to keep their information safe and protected to establish trust. 

Don’t let your company be the next victim of a cybercriminal. Contact Logical Operations now or visit our store to learn more about our U.S. DoD-8570 compliant CyberSec First Responder training.