Trends in Technology Training Certification Training Courses
April 29, 2013 by Bill Rosenthal

Business technology continues to evolve and morph at lightning speed.

This is great news for training organizations wanting to add new training courses to their offerings. Following are the trends we’re seeing at Logical Operations in terms of course demand.

IT Security

Certainly important on President Obama’s list, there is a recognized nationwide shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals (see our April 8 blog post).

Some experts say that tomorrow's battles will consist of numerous vectors and origins with multiple vulnerabilities. You have only to read about recent DDoS attacks on major multi-nationals, or the Conficker and Stuxnet worms to come to the conclusion that unseen threats are looming on our horizon. Round-the-clock business cycles require company infrastructures to always be up and running. Even hours of downtime can result substantial monetary loss, not to mention lost credibility.

Applications, networks, health and privacy are all areas of concern and IT professionals working in security with cutting-edge technology are highly sought after. The demand exists for developers who can build secure applications, network engineers with security certifications, and architects who understand how to secure systems and processes.

Green IT

Virtualization, cloud computing and mobilization are three processes that enable companies of any size to achieve greater measures of sustainability to leave a lighter footprint. A CompTIA Green certification provides IT professionals with the depth, background and know-how to help companies and enterprises cope with and make the necessary changes.

The exam focuses on green technologies, standards and policies and allows individuals to demonstrate their knowledge and skill at implementing environmentally sound green IT techniques.

Mobile App Development

As issues are worked out regarding the different approaches and requirements that both manufacturers and IT teams have with regard to mobile computing, application development has truly exploded. As BYOD becomes acceptable, the blending of personal and corporate computing makes certification that much more important to business and security. may be ten years old, but there’s a shortage of experienced consultants. Certification in provides knowledge and instills confidence in the team members who are hands-on, serving users and providing development and administrative support. Companies are wise to invest in getting their team certified if they use in the enterprise.

Project Management (PmP)

Why is project management certification on this list of trends? It’s because some certifications never lose value. In today's complex global environment, the organizations that grow and thrive are those that value project management. High-performing organizations emphasize strategy, improve efficiency and cultivate strong talent resources, reducing their risk and increasing stability in the process and realizing greater success.

Logical Operations offers LogicalCHOICE courseware, blended kits and eKits to train your team for PmP certification.

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